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Friday, March 3

Sunday, February 5


EJCF board elections were held this past Friday.   Voting Board members are:

President : Mike Field

Vice President : Mike Taylor

Secretary: Jennifer Hoskins

Treasurer: : Jodi Kelly

Registrar: Cheryl Taylor

Tuesday, November 1


The 5/6 team ended up finishing the regular season tied with Spanaway. To determine the tie-breaker a coin flip was done today. We won the coin flip, thus giving us the #1 seed into the playoffs. The 5/6 team will play Paladin this Saturday at 10:00 am at Fife HS. Please have all players there and ready for warm ups by 9:00 am.

Thursday, August 18



It’s going to be a hot one down on the field today at our scrimmage. Parents, please make sure your kids are hydrating during the day today.

Wednesday, June 15


 Hello All, The 2016 Eatonville Junior Cruisers football season is rapidly approaching. In the off season a lot has changed with the organization and the league. First we have had two board members decide to step down due to their children aging out or not wanting to play football. One of those board positions had potentially been filled and we still need a vice president. So if you are interested in the spot please submit a letter of interest to me as soon as possible. I encourage everyone to apply.

Second due to a large amount of interest in starting a 7th and 8th grade team we have decided to field one. As of the date of this letter we have several registrations for the 7/8 grade team and spots are filling up fast. So if you have a child that is interested please contact Ms Cheryl or Ms Theresa to get them signed up before the team is full. Contact or

Third, the league has adopted some rule changes that will affect how we do practice as well as on game days. The first change is that we can no longer do more than two contact practices a week this includes striking practice dummies and tackling drills. I might add that the WIAA adopted this change for middle school and high school programs as well. I think this is a good move and will keep all our athletes a little safer. The second change is that all non skilled players will be designated with a green marker on their helmets. A non skilled player is a player that is not within the weight range to run the ball. Due to this rule change the weight restrictions for the different age levels have been removed. The last rule change I would like to discuss is that there will be a roster check at game time. Each team will line up on the 40 yard line and the opposing team will verify the players for that game. If a player shows up late it is up to the home team’s field marshal if they can play and if they are allowed to play they have to sit a full quarter before doing so.

In closing we will be kicking off our 2016 season by having our annual end of school year football clinic next week. Team Registrations will be open during that time. The last day of EJCF registration will by June 22nd at 7 pm at the middle school. Forms are located on line and we will have forms available during the clinic.

Payments can be taken at that time or we can schedule payments during the summer. I would also like to add that one of the goals for this year will be increasing parent participation If you want to help out with the organization now is the time to step up do so. Looking forward to an awesome 2016 Season

James Schrimpsher

EJCF President

Thursday, May 12



Interested in a postion on the EJCF board?  Send letter of interest to EJCF.PRESIDENT@GMAIL.COM.    

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