East Hampton Hurricanes: Welcome

Swim Meet
East Hampton Hurricanes Summer League Swim Team

The East Hampton Hurricanes Swim Team is a member of the Cobb County Summer Swim League. As such, we follow county dates, rules, and regulations. The Cobb County Summer Swim League has restructured the Zones and Divisions to give the Cobb County Summer Swim League better structure and to be more geographically desirable when traveling between meets.

We are in the East Zone, Bronze Division and will be competing against:

Johnsons Landing, Chimney Springs, Holly Springs, Penhurst, East Cobb  

Our meets will be on Wednesdat nights. We have three home meets and two meets. Any child, who is a resident of East Hampton, ages 5-18, may join the team.

We are also open to non-residents so please INVITE your friends to join!!

 Online Registration is open now, click below


Once you register you will receive an invitation to sign up for your volunteer shifts