Team Mahurin: Welcome

Wednesday, June 15
Team EDGEWOOD Basketball

Mustang Hoops

Welcome to the Edgewood web page.....  


BSL Schedule is posted!

Player accounts have been updated (6-15-16)

Fridays schedule for the Indy shootout is posted (6-17-16) 


Saturday INDY TOURNEY schedule:  

The WOOD went 1-2 on FRIDAY.  That was strong enough for a 2nd place finish in our pool! 

The WOOD plays at 10:15am on Saturday against Northwest HS @ CARMEL HS court 3.

BOYS NEED TO BE AT THE SCHOOL AT 730am and the BUS LEAVES AT 745am!!!!!  

When they win they will play their 2nd game @ 1245pm @ CARMEL HS court 2!!!



 NEW ORLEANS TRIP HAS BEEN CANCELLED--we are working on putting a plan in place for that week at the school, trying to find a game or 2 as well as some fundamental drills and skill work and some lifting!!  Stay tuned!!

Paying For Summer Events

With the results in the article below being what they are, it's not too early for players to start paying for summer events.    

Costs Include:

Indy Tourney $35


Make sure to drop checks off to me in the office so I can credit them to your account.  If you pay cash, wait on a receipt. 

Wednesday, June 15
Indy Tourney--updated 6-15-16


Plan for a long day, bring food, drinks and money!! 



11:30am v Southwest Shelby  @ Carmel AUX gym

4:45pm v Westview  @ Carmel AUX gym

6:00pm v Lapel  @ Carmel fieldhouse court #1


SATURDAY SCHEDULE:  TBD--based on seedings and Fridays results 










If you can go, please let us know!! 

Collier--out, wrist

Norris--out, wrist



12th Annual Charlie Hughes Indy High School Shoot-Out 

Sites:  Carmel, North Central, Warren Central

Regulation length games

Guaranteed 4 games

Licensed Officials 

Cost:  $35.00 

Monday, June 13
Bloomington Summer League--UPDATED-6-13-16

BSL has concluded!!


Friday, June 24
Thank You

Hello everyone,  it's obviously been a while since I've been on here.  It's been really crazy for the past seven weeks.  I've had lots of time to figure things out and ponder my future.  

The truth is the last seven weeks have likely been crucial to my future.  I've been floundering for a while.  It's taken a day of complete idiocy to push me to the truth.  I'm in a much better place today than I've been in a long time.

I'm not going to waste everyone's time with the story.  I've heard all sorts of versions of things.  I screwed up.  It was all me and no one else.

I'd like to say that it was my first time to ever drink and drive, but that's not true.  It was simply the first time I got caught.  I've always been "smarter than everyone else."  I could handle things...there were no problems.

Hah...Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me.  

I'm just so, so thankful that I didn't hurt anyone.  All of the negative repercussions mean nothing...God allowed me to get through that evening without injuring anyone else.  For that I'm so thankful. 

Anyway...I'm here to apologize.  Plain and simple, I'm sorry for letting many of you down.

Secondly, I'm simply here to thank the many folks who have worked so hard to help me through this event.  I've been floored by the support I've gotten, and I am certain that I don't deserve it.

I really don't want to start naming names because so many folks stepped up.  It would be a travesty to leave anyone out.  I'll forever be in the debt of many, many folks here from Ellettsville.  One thing about an find out quickly who your friends really are.

I think I'm finally at peace with the "Man" upstairs.  

I want to thank the players for their efforts over the past two years.  I hope they learned that basketball is not about X's and O's.  It's about effort and attitude.

I'll be watching and supporting the Mustangs from afar.  If I can ever do anything for anyone, I'll be here for you. 

Thank you all once again, and best wishes.