Escambia High Gators: Gator Cheerleaders

Sunday, May 24


Head Coach
      & Competition

       Shelia McDonald  


JV  Coach

Heath Rose


Thursday, September 16
Hang-on Here We GO.....

Important dates

Varsity and JV Cheerleader Cheer Clinic and 2011 - 2012 cheerleader selections.

Feb 28th thru May 4th
In the EHS Gym

Feb 28th thru May 3rd - Cheerleader Clinic 4:30 to 6:00
Mar 4th 3:30 til 7:00 - Tryouts
(Cheerleaders should wear a white top and orange or navy blue shorts)


2012 TBA      Nationals Qualifier Competition - Tate High School 

2012 TBA     State Regionals Competition - TBA  

2012 TBA     State Competition - Kissamee

2012 TBA      National Competition - Orlando   
Fundraisers - TBA

Proir to Homecoming - Miss. Yudiski has set up a t-shirt fund-raise to do a homecoming shirt! 

Friday, March 4
2011-2012 Cheerleaders

2011 - 2012 Cheerleaders

Abby, Ashlyn, , 
Aubrey, Alexis, Caitlin, Caitlin, Carlene, Cheyenne, Kayla, Makenzie, Makayla, Rachel, Samantha, Taylor, Vivian


JV Cheerleaders:
Amber, Ananiah, Christine, Erin, Grace, Jazay, Jimieshia, Mashea, Melisa, Quanisha, Shiloh, Skyler, Sydney, Terri, Tia, Tyania, Tykia

Cheer stack

Wednesday, September 30
FHSAA News Release
Board votes to restructure competitive cheerleading, baseball state series
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 28, 2009

GAINESVILLE - The Florida High School Athletic Association Board of Directors voted today to restructure the state series format for both competitive cheerleading and baseball.

The Board authorized the FHSAA staff to devise a qualifying round before the state finals for competitive cheerleading, and also approved the creation of divisions based on school enrollment.  Schools still will have the option to compete as a tumbling squad, non-tumbling squad or a co-ed squad.

“These changes will create more opportunities for competition in competitive cheerleading,” said Executive Director Roger Dearing. “The creation of the divisions will level the playing field by allowing schools of similar size to compete against each other.”


Wednesday, September 30
FHSAA Competitive Cheerleading Page

Click on the Site to go to the FHSAA web site for competitive cheerleading.

Friday, April 24
2009-2010 Varsity Cheerleaders
09 Varsity

Back Row: Rachel Bouchelle, Alexandria Barth,Bradley Nesmith, Rachel Wood, Haylie Thorsen, Lindsey Yeagle
Middle Row: Abby Lord, Aubrey Yeagle
Samantha Kee, Taylor Schwalier, Kayla Allen
Front Row: Marissa Chardon,Mariah McPherson, Taylor Terry, Brittney Ambercrombie, Ashley Howard

Friday, April 24
2009 -2010 JV Cheerleaders
09 JV cheer

Back Row:
Klingaman,  Kadajhi Jones, Grace Kelly, Kelsey Oglesby,  Victoria Freeman , Carlene Langlois, Anisa Miseray

Front Row:
Makenna Farris,
Vivian Swigart, Paris Bacchus, Mikayla Smith, Alexis Hayes, Mercedes Coker
                     Jordan Walden (not shown)

Friday, April 25
2008 - 2009 Competition Squad

Comp Cheer 08-09

Britney Abercrombie,  Kayla Allen,  Kace Boyer, Chelsea Brand,  Marissa Chardon, Sam Kee,  Christina Knowlton, Abby Lord,  Caitlyn Parker, Sarah Rueff, Taylor Schwalier,  Haylie Thorsen,  Rachel Wood,  Aubery Yeagle,  Lindsey Yeagle, Rachel Bouchelle, Alexandria Barth

Thursday, July 10
Cheerleader Yard Signs
Cheer sign

For Sale

Hand made Escambia High Cheerleader Yard Signs
Each sign will have the same EHS megaphone paint scheme with a personalized name plate attached below.
If you are intrested contact Jon or Kellie Thorsen at (850) 458-8956 or email at
Signs are $25.00 each

If you are intrested in a sign for a different school or club please contact us for details.

Tuesday, August 28
FHSAA Cheerleading Rule

Here are the cheerleading rules as posted on the FHSAA Web Site.