Eastside FC 97 RED: Inspiring Quotes


There are days when you cannot put the ball in the net no matter how hard you try, but there is no excuse for not playing good defense… The offense, you see, is play.  The defense is work.  When I’m on offense, I can create my own world.  I act out the drama I have written.  I dance the dance I have choreographed.  I sing the song I have composed.  Offense is unrehearsed, exuberant, and freewheeling.  Offense is an excitement, which provides its own enticement.  Its own compulsion.  Its own driving force.  It generates its own energy.

Offense then is an art.  It cannot be forced.  It is a spontaneous joyful unification of the body and the mind.  Therefore, there are days when it won’t happen.  The circuits of the brain will not open.  The playful right hemisphere remains inaccessible.

Defense needs none of this.  It is unimaginative, plodding attention to duty.  It is grit and determination and perseverance.  It requires…simply an act of will.  There is never a day you cannot play defense.  All you need is the decision to put out.  To give 100%.

On defense, I am another person, the real person.  Offense is a show place for talent and even genius.  What defense discloses is character.  There, effort and energy are a matter for the will.  There I am asked, “Who will or won’t have it today?”  A true player will find the answer!

I am proud of my offense.  My play, my creativity, is a gift freely and perhaps just as readily taken away…I enjoy my play.  Enjoy having the ball.  But I know that my talent is something I carry.  The real test comes when that is absent.

Defense, therefore, narrows down to character, the ability to persist in the direction of greatest resistance.  There are teams, and successful ones, that no longer look solely to talent.  They recruit on character.  It is a long season.  There are days on end of giving yourself, and talent is not enough.  Only character can make me function when my existence seems to be, as Emerson said, a defensive war.

I know that, as I suspect you do.  Knowing that eventually there will be a turn over and I will get the ball. And then I see my shot, like a rocket.  Knowing that when the ball leaves my foot, like the idea not yet written, it will hit nothing but net.  But dreams are not the stuff defense is made of.  Nor are women for that matter.