Edmonds Warriors Junior Football: Car Wash

Edmonds Warriors Junior Football
Car Wash Fundraiser 

Each year Edmonds Warriors Junior Football holds a Car Wash fundraiser.  In past years the players sold car wash tickets and the coaches washed the cars.

Beginning with the 2015 season, players will sell Brown Bear Car Wash tickets that can be used at their more than 20 locations for a full year. This is our only fundraiser and we need your help and support in making it a success.

 Brown Bear


Players that reach $140 in car wash ticket sales have their name stitched on to their game jersey and it becomes theirs to keep.

Players that reach $350 in car wash ticket sales will receive a Warrior Football equipment bag in addition to their game jersey.

The top selling team will win a grand prize (currently TBD). 

The Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets are $7 each and they are good for one car wash at any of the more than Brown Bear locations for up to one year.

Tickets and Turn-In

Each player will be given an envelope with an initial 10 tickets ($70 worth). When they turn in their money for the first 10 tickets, they can get more tickets. Car Wash Sales Turn-in The car wash tickets must be more tightly managed this year. We have to purchase the tickets from Brown Bear and in the end, every ticket has to be accounted for.

For every ticket issued, players must either turn in $7 or return the ticket. The first turn in will be Monday from 5:30-6:00 and we will have a table at each field. Our car wash tables are the only location to turn in tickets or money. Do not give tickets or money to coaches or anyone else. If they are unaccounted for or lost you will be accountable for the tickets issued.

Team Totals thru 8/31/15

89er Green
89er White
Peewee Green
Peewee White
Bantam Green
Bantam White

EWJF Car Wash Money and Jersey Turn-In and Tickets Car wash money and game jerseys can be turned and you can pick up more tickets each day

Tammy Mager will be at the softball field (76ers & 89ers) from 5:30 to 6:00 and at the grass practice field (Peewees) from 6:00 to 7:30.

Chris Gradwohl will be at College Place (Bantams, Juniors & Seniors) in parking lot following practice from 7:30 to 7:50.

If you want to insure your players name on their jersey in time for the first game on September 12th make sure it is turned in this week - the earlier the better.

EWJF Car Wash Fundraiser Ends on September 10th
The last day of the EWJF Car Wash Fundraiser is Thursday September 10th. All money and un-sold tickets must be turned in on or before that day.