Edmonds Warriors Junior Football: Registration

2015 Season Registration

It's late, but not too late - registration for the 2015 season is still open.  Registration is online and is on a first come first served basis. 

Register Now

EWJF rosters will be filled or closed shortly. Here's the status as of 8/5:





Registration Open

One team, 4 spots remaining.   


Registration Open

Two teams, 6 spots remaining.


Registration Open

Two teams, 4 spots remaining.  


Registration Open

Two teams, 2 spots remaining.


Registration Closed 

One team, 0 spots remaining.  


Registration Open

One team, 1 spot remaining.   


Registered: If you are registered you need to make sure you complete all registration steps to be fully registered and confirmed (see below).

Waitlist: If you are on a waiting list you don’t need to do anything at this time. When a spot on the roster opens up you will be notified immediately, at which time you will need to complete all registration steps to be fully registered and confirmed.  

Not Registered: If you have not yet registered, you should do so ASAP. If your level is full, you will be placed on the waiting list – which costs nothing. In fact, if you’re on the waiting list the system will not let you pay.

Registration Process Steps: 





Step 1

Complete Online Registration

All players must be registered online. Register at www.edmondswarriors.com.

Step 2

Pay Registration Fee

 Registration fees can be paid online by credit/debit card or by mail or in person by check. Mailing address: EWJF, PO Box 1011, Edmonds, WA 98020 In person at scheduled times – see calendar.

Step 3

Weight Verification

 Each player must have their weight verified at one of our scheduled Registration and Weigh-in events. We weigh each player to make sure they are placed at the correct level of play. In addition, the information is used to assist in our equipment ordering.

Step 4

Proof of Age

You must provide a copy of a birth certificate or other official proof of age (passport, state ID). If you played for EWJF in 2014 we already have it. Proof of Age can be sent by email, regular mail or dropped off in person. Scan and send an image to: info@edmondswarriors.com Mailing address: EWJF, PO Box 1011, Edmonds, WA 98020 In person at scheduled times – see calendar.

Players that have completed Steps 1-4 are fully registered and confirmed. Players that do not complete all Steps 1-4, run the risk of being removed from the roster.  

Step 5

Registration Forms

You will receive EWJF Registration forms that are completed for you using the information you entered in the online registration system. Please make sure all of the information for your family and player(s) is correct in the online system. There is currently a lot of missing information which will slow things down for us and you at player suit-ups. Verify the information in the forms – if correct, print them, sign them and return them to us via mail or in person. Mailing address: EWJF, PO Box 1011, Edmonds, WA 98020 In person at scheduled times – see calendar

Step 6

Equipment Issued

All fully registered and confirmed players will be suited up on July 28th, 29th and 30th. This year each player will receive a specific appointment (day/time) to eliminate lines and insure a speedy and efficient process. EWJF will issue your player(s) everything they need with the exception of cleats and a mouthguard.

Step 7

First Practice

The first practice will be held at Edmonds-Woodway HS. All teams will meet in the stadium at 5:30.


If you have any questions regarding our program, please contact us at 425-336-2434, via email at info@edmondswarriors.com.


Why are football sign-ups so early?

All sports are unique and come with their own set of challenges - football perhaps more than any other.  Here is a quick summary of some of the challenges we face:

Team size - Other sports have smaller teams (fewer players per team) and there is more flexibility in adding or consolidating teams in basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. as opposed to football.  If we have 28 registrations we could choose to have 3, 4 or 5 basketball teams, but we would only have 1 football team.

Coaches - Coaches are very important in any sport, but they are critical in football.  We experienced this first hand last year when we unexpectedly lost a couple of great head coaches just as season started (in 16 years this has never happened before).  Football is the only sport I know of where eleven players execute a plan every down.  There's a lot to know, a lot to teach, and EWJF works very hard to provide the best possible coaching in our program. It's virtually impossible to add teams last minute and put together a quality, successful coaching staff.

Equipment - Football equipment and uniforms must be ordered several months in advance of the season.  For example, we ordered our jerseys in January.  It is very difficult and very expensive to get additional uniforms and equipment at the last minute.

Fields - Sports fields and facilities are always in short supply.  We have to confirm our field rentals and dates several months in advance and we're always faced with competition for fields with other sports such as soccer.

In a nutshell, football requires a lot of planning and logistics.  The earlier we know how many players we have, the more successful we can be.