Edison Eagles Over 40: Welcome

Edison Eagles Over 40 Baseball.....

Welcome to our Web Site.  This 2010 Season will be our first as the Edison Eagles.  We closed out the book on the Somerset A's with a Championship under Manager Richard Laub.  Rich had hired JC Duran as assistant manager with the agreement JC would take over for 2010.  It was a Great final season for the A's who played extremely well and had veterans and new players gel perfectly. The A's took home three major awards with Rich winning Manager of the Year,  Aaron Vander Horn winning the Cy Young and JC winning the League MVP.  There were veterans on the team of 21 years without a Championship so this one was thoroughly enjoyed!

 In 2010 we open a new book for the Edison Eagles. The theme will all ways be teamwork and harmony everything else with fall into place.

 Thanks for visiting our site.  Please look around and come back soon!

JC Duran