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Phoenix dad starts 'spring training' program in youth sports league

 Rudy JaramilloEugene Scott/The Arizona Republic

Edge Youth Athletics is the brainchild of former Architect Rudy Jaramillo.

A northeast Phoenix father decided to dedicate himself to youth-sports coaching full time after seeing too many parents with no coaching experience in youth sports.

"There are other leagues in town with big followings of parents, and they are just dissatisfied," said Rudy Jaramillo, founder of Edge Youth Athletics. "They've lost the connection between the coach, the parent and the kids."

Jaramillo, who is on the board of directors for a local Pop Warner football team, said many of the kids he's coached in football lack the skills to be competitive athletes. So Edge Youth Athletics is starting a spring-training program to focus on making sure youth athletes have the basic skills to be great players.

Some parents will be volunteer coaches, but all of the paid full-time coaches will be people with previous youth-sports experience.

"A lot of the camps, they often don't teach you anything skills-related," Jaramillo said. "We came up with 'edge' because we want to give kids an edge, not only in sports, but in life."

Edge Youth hopes to attract students ages 5 through 13 from north Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria and other parts of the north Valley to learn how to play flag football, basketball and golf. Registration is open until March 12. Spring training lasts from March 12 to May 21. Edge Youth Athletics hopes to attract about 200 students.

"Other leagues are so focused on just providing a place for the kids to show up and play that they've lost the customer service, the excitement and the experience, and that's what we're trying to do differently," Jaramillo said.

Rob McDonald has a 10-year-old son in the fourth grade that will participate in the spring league. McDonald's son goes to Village Vista Elementary School in the Paradise Valley Unified School District.

"He's been playing football for a couple years, and he just wants to see what it's like to try something new, so we want to see what their program has to offer," McDonald said.

Originally, Edge Youth was just a summer sports camp, but Jaramillo said he wanted to do more. The spring league will be run out of various locations across the north Valley, including Sweetwater Park, 44th Street and Andora Drive, and Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory, 24th Street and Cactus Road.

Jaramillo was a full-time architect for 16 years overseeing multimillion-dollar projects. He launched Edge Youth Athletics during that time but left architecture completely this past fall in part due to the economy.

"I left that to pursue this. I've always coached, and I just felt there was a need for it," he said. "This is my passion; this is what I wanted to do full time."