Edge Youth Athletics: Coach 'J'

Coach J
Who is coach "J"?

Rudy Jaramillo (aka - Coach "J") was born in Denver Colorado, moved to Arizona in 2005 and is proud to say that Arizona is his home.  He has either played sports or been involved with them for most of his life.  He has spent the last 12 years coaching his kid's sports in various programs.  He will be working with his staff to ensure you have a positive sports experience by providing better serivce, organization, communication and to make sure more coaching education is provided for the volunteer parent (coach).

Statistic: Their are 2-4 Million coaches – less than 20% have received any type of training, 85% of these coaches are dads coaching their own children.

Some of you have had an opportunity to have him coach your child and understand that he has a passion for working with kids and wants to share it with all families by providing them with the best possible sports programs to ensure they have the most rewarding EXPERIENCE possible.  He truly believes those experiences will have lasting impacts on the kids for the rest of their lives.  His commitment to the EDGE VALUES ensures that you and your kids will get the most out of their sport of choice and will have FUN in the process........Every parent wants the best for their child, so join the EDGE FAMILY and lets give all children the EDGE they deserve so they can be successful not only in sports but in their lives as well.