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Here are the categories of volunteer work currently available.

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Field Marshaling - El Cerrito High School

Field Marshaling - Gilman Complex

Team Parent Representative  

Field Lining

Learn More About Our Volunteer Program

ECFC is almost entirely a volunteer-run organization. The club can simply not function without the hundreds of volunteers who work year-round, contributing in ways big and small. And while coordinating so many volunteers can be a challenge in itself, the way that we engage our member families through volunteering is a big part of what makes ECFC such a great community organization.

Volunteer Requirements

Each member family is required to perform at least 4 hour of club-level volunteer work per player, per season. This is the minimal level of participation necessary to cover the Club’s core volunteer needs.

Volunteer Deposit

When you register your child, ECFC collects a $100 volunteer deposit in addition to the registration fee. As long as you complete 4 hours of qualifying volunteer work during the course of the season, you will be eligible to receive a full refund of your volunteer deposit.

The volunteer deposit is not an effective substitute for volunteer assistance. ECFC collects the deposit because it influences a lot more people to volunteer. It’s meant to be an incentive to volunteer, not an alternative.

Volunteer Credits

The best way to really get involved with the club is to take on a volunteer job. Performing any of the following volunteer jobs for a full season will automatically satisfy your volunteer requirements for that season, since they all entail more than 4 hours of work (in most cases, significantly more):


· Any ECFC Executive Board position

· Equipment Coordinator

· Uniform Coordinator

· Volunteer Coordinator

· Photo Day Coordinator

· Fund-raising Coordinator

· Referee Coordinator

· Team Manager Coordinator


· Head Coach

· Assistant Coach

· Team Manager

If you commit to one of these jobs prior to registering your child for the upcoming season, ECFC will waive your volunteer deposit.

For more information about any of these volunteer jobs, or to sign up for one of them, please contact the ECFC Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Tasks

We realize that not everybody is able to dedicate the time required to perform volunteer jobs, and that's why we also provide plenty of smaller ways to contribute. A volunteer task is a general way of referring to any type of volunteer work that we have parceled up into 1-4-hour shifts in order to make it more doable for more of our volunteers.

There is no fixed set of volunteer tasks. Some common tasks, like setting up fields, are frequently needed all year long. Other tasks may be specific to a one-time event, or may come up on short notice, or require volunteers with particular qualifications.

Signing Up

Browse through the listing of volunteer opportunities at the top of this page to see available options. Everything in the list counts towards the volunteer hour requirement.

When you find something you want to sign up for, just follow the instructions on the page to complete online signup.

For Additional Help

If you have any difficulties with the online sign-up, or if you have volunteering-related questions, contact

Marcy Piersol

ECFC Volunteer Coordinator