ECFC: Interested in Coaching?

El Cerrito Futbol Club

Coaches and parents are the most important figures and supporters of young athletes. The role played by these two groups of people can have a tremendous effect on whether or not a child chooses to continue with a sport or drops out of athletics all together. The behaviors of coaches and parents have a great influence on how a child learns about how sport is played and sportsmanship in general.

With this in mind, ECFC admires your commitment to our children. Your active participation and your willingness to learn and improve is what makes the difference in the way young athletes learn.

We recognize that many of our coaches are relatively new to soccer and are concerned that they lack the skills for the job. Many of ECFC's senior coaches were once in your shoes. We firmly believe that anyone can become an excellent youth soccer coach with only a modest effort. Most important, a coach needs to set the right tone so that kids can learn in a positive, supporting, and fun environment. In addition, participating in a coaching clinic can provide you with great ideas for how to impart soccer skills and how to run practices. ECFC will sponsor two-hour clinics at various points in the season. We also strongly recommend that all coaches take the first Coach Licensing course, the F Class. The F License course is well suited to unlicensed recreational coaches and all new coaches who do not possess an equivalent coaching certificate from a recognized entity such as NSCAA. Those who have their “F” licenses should consider going on to get their “E” licenses.

Coaching/teaching licenses give you the coach teacher:

Understanding of your players
- youth psychology

Teaching/coaching framework
- methods of teaching/coaching technique
- methods of teaching/coaching systems of play

Experience the thrills of learning “new” coaching skills

A great opportunity to fulfill, for FREE, the “F” license requirement has just been announced by the league-ACCYSL:

For more information please contact ECFC Coaching coordinator, Manish Doshi.