ECFC: Locations

Booker T. Anderson, Jr. Park
Booker T. Anderson, Jr. Park (Formerly Eastshore Park) is located in Richmond next to Booker T. Anderson Community Center. The fields have just gone under recent rennovation. Map to Booker T. Anderson, Jr. Park

Canyon Trail
Canyon Trail is used by the Bronco Division and is adjacent to Prospect-Sierra Elementary School. The Field is just off Cutting Blvd below The Arlington. Map to Canyon Trail Park

Castro Field
Castro Field is located adjacent to Castro School, on Gladys, 3 blocks east of Richmond Ave. Castro Field is used by El Cerrito U10 teams. Map to Castro Field

Central Field
Central Field is located on Central Avenue, just east of I-80 and west of Carlson. Central field is used for El Cerrito U8 teams. Map to Central Field

Cerrito Vista
Cerrito Vista is used U14 teams. The field is located east of San Pablo Avenue on Moeser, across the street from Portola Middle School. Map to Cerrito Vista Field

Cesar Chavez
Ceasar Chavez Park is located at 11 Spinnaker Way, North of the west end of University Avenue - Marina/Northwest Berkeley. Map to Ceasar Chavez Park

Fairmont Park
Fairmount Park is located at Fairmount Elementary School. The address is 724 Kearney Street, El Cerrito. Map to Fairmount Park

Fielding and Gabe (Catalfo) Fields
Take Highway 80 to Berkeley. Exit at Gilman Street. Turn east on Gilman. Turn left onto 5th Street. The fields are at the end of the street.
Map of 5th and Gilman

Gilman - North Turf

Get Map to Gilman - North Turf 400 Gilman St.
Berkeley, California 94720

Ocean View
Ocean View Park is located on Buchanan and Jackson Streets in Albany. It should not be confused with University Park, which is a little to the southeast. Map of Buchanan and Jackson Streets in Albany

Pinole Valley Field

Tassajara Park
Tassajara Park is used by the U8 teams. The field is located east of San Pablo Avenue and just off of Barrett Avenue on Tassajara Street. Tassajara Park is just below the Arlington. Map to Tassajara Park