East Troy Soccer: SC43 Select

SC 43 Select

About SC 43 Select Soccer Team

SC 43 is the select soccer division of the East Troy Soccer Club (ETSC). It was developed to offer players the opportunity to enhance their skills while playing in a more competitive atmosphere. It is open to anyone that would like to gain the skill and knowledge to take their game to the next level. You DO NOT need to be a resident of East Troy to play on an SC 43 team.

Tryouts are held to choose each team at the select level. The tryouts for select teams are held annually, generally in June and will be the responsibility of the Program Director. Exact dates will be determined by the WYSA and published on our website as well as in the local newspapers.


The Program Director, along with assigned evaluators, will assume responsibility for selecting players to teams. All efforts will be made to insure that these evaluators will be experienced soccer personnel who are generally not personally acquainted with the players trying out for the team. Players are not guaranteed a position on any team simply because they played on the team the year before.

Team Composition

SC 43 U11 and U12 teams may carry up to 14 players. U13 and U 14 teams may carry up to 18 players. U15 and higher level teams may carry up to 22 players. SC 43 will employ the use of club passes to develop younger players, enhance team numbers when the need arises, and to help teams remain competitive in their league placements.

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Handout: Registration Forms (NOTE: U8 and up are full)