East Troy Soccer: Coaches

Tuesday, May 10
Rescheduling Games
ETSC Traveling Team Coaches,
It is important to work with the other coach to reschedule the game if a cancellation is necessary. Working with the other coach includes returning phone calls and emails. It should take no longer than 1 week to agree and reschedule a game.
If know you do not intend to reschedule a game please let one of the ETSC board members know immediately. ETSC has set the expectation with the parents, players, and other Stateline clubs that the players on both teams will be provided the chance to play a set number of games. We are obligated to reschedule canceled games.

Monday, April 4
New Game Report
A new game report is available online at www.statelinesoccer.com  This game report must be turned in after each game.

Wednesday, July 7
Coach Pass
Coach Pass
  • All ETSC Coaches and Assistant Coaches are required to obtain a Coach Pass from the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA).
  • WYSA Coach Pass website: www.wiyouthsoccer.com/Coaches/coachpass.htm
  • Coach Passes provide individual identification and serve as the clubs Risk Management process.
  • An online background check / e-KidSafe is part of the application process to obtain a Coach Pass. (See Kidsafe attachment)
  • A picture must accompany all new coach pass applications. Applicants are encouraged to upload a digital photo at the time of registration, however you may submit a hard copy to the WYSA State Office. (Please include your confirmation page and write your name on the back side of the photo.)
  • Approved passes are valid for a period of 2 years.
  • Coach Pass fees are reimbursed by the ETSC. Please print and submit your online confirmation page when requesting reimbursement.
  • New Coach Passes will be sent to Mike Egle for distribution.

Wednesday, July 7
Coach List
Coach List
Please use the following website if you are an existing ETSC coach and need to verify: (1) the expiration date of your coach pass or, (2) your current license level:    http://ssl.hammerhead.net/wisconsin/CoachesList.asp

Wednesday, July 7

Coaching Courses
Wisconsin coaching classes can be found at the following website:  http://ssl.hammerhead.net/wisconsin/coachingcourses.asp

Saturday, September 12
Substitution Rule Change

There has been a change to the substitution rule. Last year substitutions were allowed at any stoppage.  The WYSA Board of Directors has changed the rule:


The modification to the substitution rule reads as following: Substitutions may be made prior to a throw-in in favor of your team, prior to a goal kick by either team, following a goal by either team, following an injury to a player from either team or at half time. Substitutions may also be made for your team on the opposing team’s throw-in if the opposing team also has a player at the half-way line. This rule is effective for the 2009-2010 soccer season beginning August 1st, 2009.


Referees in Stateline games should be enforcing the rule change. However, the distribution of this information has not been very good. Per the Laws, it is up to the Center Referee to control substitutions. East Troy Referee will be using the new rules.


Keep this in mind as you travel to other cities.

Wednesday, April 8

As we progress further into spring and the start of the new soccer season, please remind your coaches and referees to inspect, BEFORE EVERY PRACTICE, TRAINING ACTIVITY, AND GAME (1) all goal posts and nets for safety, that they are properly anchored and secured, and (2) the field and areas around the field that is being used. For further information, please see the US Youth Soccer website,

Thanks and have a great season!