Eastside Mj Baseball Brewers: Welcome

Yankees - Major Boys ages 10-12 Hard Ball

Yankee Rules

  • Everyone Must be on time for practice. Whatever time we give out, it is mandatory you are there. Wednesday nights 6-7:30pm, Saturday 8:30-10am.  If you can't make it, call ahead:

    • Coach O'Brien 288-7716

    • Coach Henry 544-9004 or cell 208-9787

  • Everyone must be in complete uniforms for games...Hants, Pants, Shirts, Socks. No exceptions...Please call the coach if there is a problem!

  • Absolutely no bat throwing, arguing, playing in the dirt pile, playing with friends, or foul language.

  • We ask that there be no yelling or heckling at umpires. If you have a problem, approach Coach O'Brien or Coach Henry immediately.

  • Absolutely no jewelry can be worn while playing baseball. This includes practice.

  • On deck batters may not swing bats. Pick your bat and lean it against the fence.

  • No food allowed in dugout except gum, water, sport drink. NO CANDY...NO EXCEPTIONS.