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08-20-14 12:31 PM
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Eastlake Girls Soccer: Wolf News
Eastlake Girls Soccer

Sunday, September 15
Previous varsity game headlines

Final note from 2013 Season

Greetings Fellow Fanatic Soccer Fans!

Well, I guess, better said, that would be Fanatic Fans of Eastlake Girls Soccer! Our girls’ fans turned out in full force this year and a wonderful season of memories it was!

I could talk numbers on why it was such a good year but I’ll leave that to the professionals! Instead, please allow me to ramble on about the girls, their coaches and you – their biggest fan! (In my humble opinion, three key components of the season.)

I have it on good authority that the girls had a wonderful time! New friendships formed, old friendships deepened and awesome team spirit abounded! It’s that team spirit thing that makes or breaks a season for a player, on and off the field. It’s this lesson of spirit that the girls will use over and over again in life.  It’s a value added perk to playing ball.. Now that’s a successful year!

Speaking of playing ball – I want to send some high fives to our coaches for all they’ve done this year.  Chuck, JDub, Jordyn and Kara.  Thank you for your time, your vision and for all the heart and soul you put into coaching the girls.  It’s obvious how much you care and that’s no small part of the success of the season.  Thank you for being a part of the girls’ lives – scores are quickly forgotten but caring mentors remain a part of the girls' lives forever!

Don’t forget to pat yourself, the teams’ biggest fan, on the back. Their success was your success too! You served tons of pasta, took enough pictures/video to rival ESPN, held sleepovers, drove to points unknown, baked goodies, tossed enough salad to please Caesar himself, left historical record of the year in programs and came out to watch!  I know this short meager list in no way encapsulates all that you’ve done for the teams…but thank you..and congrats!  Your enthusiasm and support bolstered that all important team spirit and made the coaches’ jobs all the more easier.

In short, the success of the season would not have happened without you!

I’ll get off your screen now and leave you in peace for 7 or 8 months.  But first, an indulgence if you will.  I’d like to say my personal thanks for the opportunity for working with the girls, the coaches and you, Best Fan Ever. J  I know you’ve heard me say it before…I am sure life’s reward lies in the smiles we receive, the satisfaction we get in helping others and the lives we touch along the way.  My own season was an undeniable success!  Thank you!


Michelle Grinslade

EHS Girls Soccer Booster President

Issaquah and Redmond from 10/22 and 10/24

Freshman Hannah Kleppe scored the game winning goal in a 1-0 win over Redmond last night that punched the Wolves ticket into the KingCo Soccer Playoffs beginning next week. The Wolves played one of their best games of the season to make Senior Night a memorable one for Seniors Kaitlyn Wynecoop, Grace Glover and Allie Garret who were each dominating forces on the field and helped record the Wolves' sixth league shutout.


Bothell and Skyline from 10/15/2013 and 10/17/2013

The girls Varsity soccer team won their Tuesday match against Bothell  2-0 with goals from Peyton Johnstone assisted by Lisa Yoshida and Anna Craig assisted by Alyse Barlow. This win represented the Wolves' 5th league shutout.  Last night however we lost to Skyline in a match that was hotly contested and highlighted a goal by Kaitlyn Wynecoop who created her own luck in the final third by pressuring the Skyline goalkeeper and produced her second goal of the season.
Cami Kennedy and Grace Glover were each named Players of the Game.

Next week ends regular season play with two home games and Senior Night against Redmond on Thursday.

Roosevelt and Inglemoor from 10/7/2013 and 10/10/2013

Girls Varsity Soccer fought hard against Roosevelt on Tuesday but could not add to a goal from Senior Kate Wynecoop and lost 3-1.  However, Varsity ended the week with a hard earned 1-0 win over Inglemoor.  Junior Captain Jodi Ulkekul scored on a penalty kick that was awarded after a foul in the penalty box during a Wolves free kick. The defensive back line of Claire Suter, Cami Kennedy, Anna Craig and Grace Glover produced its fourth shutout  in league play. The story line of the game however was the brilliant play of sophomore Natalie Laturner who made several heart-stopping saves to preserve the win and was voted by her teammates as the Player of the Game.

Woodinville and Ballard from 10/1/2013 and 10/3/2013.

After two weeks of league play, Varsity sits in a third place position in a tight Kingco 4A League. We split results this past week and ended with a 1-0 win against Ballard, courtesy of a goal from Madison Baugh. Madison "promised" she would score one this week and fulfilled that commitment last night against Ballard. Madison's goal was the end result of some scrappy, blue collar work entering the attacking third, first initiated by Alyse Barlow. Kudo's to the defense for keeping a clean sheet.

Garfield from 9/24/13

Before you read this think of the following; Neil Diamond and the Boston Red Sox. Go ahead and start humming it to yourself........

Caroline Kolb's 78th minute strike from inside the box courtesy of a Claire Suter corner kick was the game winner. The back line anchored by solid goal keeping from Natalie Laturner kept a second clean sheet in league and put the Lady Wolves at 2-0 going into the bye on Thursday.  

Holy Names and Wenatchee from 9/19/13 and 9/21/13

Varsity caught up on its housekeeping last night and announced its past two POG's (Player of the Game).  Against Holy Names, Alyse Barlow was named the game's standout for the Lady Wolves while over the weekend Lisa Yoshida, who scored a goal and impacted the Wenatchee game from several different positions,  was the weekend's POG. 
Game ON from here! Every match is a KINGCO League counter and affects the standings.

South Kitsap from 9/16/13

Newcomer Peyton Johnstone, assisted by Lisa Yoshida, scored her first goal for Eastlake in the girls varsity soccer match last night against the South Kitsap Wolves. Peyton's goal came late in the match but South Kitsap answered in the 78th minute with a goal of their own resulting in a 1-1 pre-season tie. Next up for the Wolves is a Thursday night matchup with Holy Names and their final preseason game away at Wenatchee on Saturday. 

Newport from 9/14/13

Melissa Radecke's scored the opening goal of the league season courtesy of a Claire Suter corner kick in the seventh minute giving the Wolves an early lead. Jodi Ulkekul added to the scoring in the 58th minute with a 30 yard driven ball that found the upper V. Definitely a crowd, team, and coach pleaser! Kudo's to the back line anchored by Anna Craig for keeping the clean sheet. Win 2-0.

 Bishop Blanchet from 9/12/13 

Varsity lost a pre-season encounter with Blanchet on Thursday 3-2. Goals were scored by Melissa Radecke and Jodi Ulkekul who was also named the team's POG! Lots of good stuff happening on the field though including strong contributions from the Freshman trio of Alysa Barlow, Hannah Kleppe, and Elena Perez in goal.

Monday, November 4
Concussion Overview

Did you know that girls soccer has the second most number of high school sports concussions? Confused about concussions? Read this overview.

Thanks to the Grinslade for finding this. Unfortunately, they did this research as both Gabby and Jojo have concussions. Get well quickly, girls.


Thursday, August 8
Fall 2013 Parent Letter - Please read!


Eastlake High School

2013 Girls Soccer Program

Parent & Player Information



Practice Times/Locations:  Subject to change depending on circumstances, Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams will generally practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 3:00 - 4:30 after school begins.  Varsity may have some Friday afternoons off and Saturday practices beginning at 8:30 AM on Saturday morning.  These practices most often occur on the stadium field or Community Fields directly behind the stadium.  The C Team typically practices Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays from 3:30 until 5:00 on the Community Fields however practice days vary due to a different competition schedule than the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.  The C Team schedule is generally released in early September after all King Co League members have assessed the depth of their programs to determine how many C Teams there are.


Location/Times of Games:  This information is posted via a link on the Booster’s program website: and the King Co League website:


Special Events:  A mandatory parent meeting is scheduled for 7:00 PM on Thursday August 29th, in the EHS Commons.  Team fees will be collected at this meeting.  This meeting is required by the LWSD to discuss the itinerary, rules and expectations for those players participating in this event.


Senior Night: Tentatively scheduled for October 24th during our home game v. Redmond HS.


Boosters & Parent Volunteers Needed!  Please contact Booster President Michelle Grinslade.   A few volunteer positions remain open and need to be filled for the program to operate at its optimal level. Membership by parents is much needed and appreciated!  $25 per person.


Program Coaching Philosophy:  The coaching staff is committed to providing a healthy and competitive soccer experience for all student-athletes.  We endeavor to train our teams to compete fiercely while at the same time uphold the highest standards of fairness and character building.  The coaching staff will meet and discuss players throughout the year to determine if placement/advancement will benefit the player and the program overall.  The JV and C Team coaching philosophy is to develop and prepare athletes to compete at the Varsity level.  A standard guideline followed at the JV/C Team levels is that players will generally play a minimum of 1/3 of each scheduled game provided other factors do not come into play i.e., missed practices, discipline, etc.  There is no minimum playing time guideline in the Varsity program.


While recognizing that the student comes before the athlete, all coaches will promote a very high level of competitiveness while emphasizing the core covenants of the program that are as follows:  Communication, Commitment, Competition, and Class.


Varsity Coaching philosophy (specific):  The Varsity team begins its season like all other 4A programs in the State...targeting our efforts toward winning a State Championship.  That said, our effort towards accomplishing this goal emphasizes process over outcomes.  We believe we can remain a highly competitive program and at the same time place as much emphasis on becoming better individuals by promoting a positive team culture first.  The highly competitive nature of varsity games is such that appearances and minutes played in each game cannot be assured and can vary widely by player.  Each player’s specific role on the team will be discussed individually as the season progresses to ensure our team’s culture underscores our achievements.


Player Selection/Cuts:  A high school soccer tryout is no different than most club team tryouts where players are expected to demonstrate fitness, technical skills and tactical awareness i.e., decision making, in small-sided games and full field competition.  Returning players are not guaranteed a spot on any team.  Juniors and Seniors are not eligible to play on the C Team. But for exceptional circumstances, Seniors will not eligible to play on the JV Team.  Cuts will be made on the field, generally during the third day of tryouts. Coaches will explain to each player the basis for their decisions.


As the season unfolds, it is possible that the coaches may identify certain players as “swing” players who will be asked to play the first half of the JV match and then remain available for the evening Varsity match. Before this occurs, the coaches will discuss this decision with the parent(s) to ensure that such an expectation will not have an adverse impact on the student-athlete given the additional time demands that this situation can produce.


Team Fees:  The team fees for the 2013 season will be Varsity- $125, JV and C Team $75.  Other team fees may be requested depending on special functions that may be scheduled during the season, not otherwise paid for by the Boosters. 


Uniforms:  Uniforms will be supplied at no cost to each player.  The Boosters/EHS will seek reimbursement for loss or damage to these items per school policy.  A uniform distribution date is yet to be determined.


Team Rules:  The LWSD Conduct Code and Drug/Alcohol Policy will be strictly enforced.  The Core Covenants of the Program serve as the guiding principles under which team(s) discipline matters will be managed.  Violation of the LWSD Drug/Alcohol Policy at any time can result in an immediate suspension and/or dismissal from the Eastlake Soccer Program.  In keeping with the intent of the Drug/Alcohol Policy, coaches will also establish restrictions governing the consumption of particular sports energy drinks (XXX, Monster, Red Bull, etc.).


While instances resulting in suspension or dismissal from the Girls Soccer Program have been rare, conduct that could lead to such action being taken would include gross misconduct toward coaches, officials or teammates, theft of program equipment, missing practices/games without cause, violation of LWSD/EHS school rules and policy and other such behavior that may bring the integrity of the EHS Girls Soccer Program into question.


Injury:  Players treated by a physician for an injury that has precluded them from participation must provide their coach with a written clearance from a health care provider before returning to training or competition.  The State law governing concussion treatment and prevention specifically requires that athletes who sustain a suspected concussion during practice or competition must be examined by a health care provider and receive a written release before returning to practices or competition. 


Attendance Policy:  Players are expected to participate in all team functions.  Players are expected to notify their coach by phone, text, email if they will be missing a practice or competition.  Athletes can expect to miss a game start or have playing time reduced due to an absence(s).  Circumstances will vary and coaches will be expected to clearly communicate their specific policies with their teams. 


Coach Communication Protocol:  Unless urgent circumstances exist, coaches will not initiate text messages to players.  Email correspondence with a player should include a cc: to that player’s parent, or a designated team adult manager or assistant coach.  When more frequent messaging can be anticipated i.e., between coaches and captains, the coach will discuss this need with the parent(s) beforehand.  Varsity players will be notified of team messages via Remind 101.  Parents may subscribe to this free service and receive all messages sent to their daughter.


LWSD Academic Policy/Eligibility– GPA 2.00 and passing all classes…a Grade Check will be completed when the student-athlete turns in the Sports Eligibility Packet. The initial academic period is based on previous semester GPA. Student-athletes who do not meet the academic standards at initial eligibility will be placed on academic probation. For Soccer the probation period is a two game suspension.  The student athlete is allowed to practice, but cannot participate in competition nor appear at the contest in uniform or occupy space on the team bench. At the end of probation if the criteria is met based on current grades eligibility will be reinstated.


Lettering Requirements:  Players who meet the “100 Minute Rule” will be awarded a Varsity Letter at the end of the season.  As the name of the rule implies, any player who competes in Varsity competition for a combined total of 100 minutes will earn a Varsity Letter.  Special circumstances may exist where a player cannot meet the one hundred minute requirement in which case a Varsity letter will be awarded at the coach’s discretion. 


2013 Season Goals & Expectations:  For the first time since 2005, the Varsity Team did not qualify for the playoffs last season.  This was a difficult pill to swallow L More will be expected of the players this year to commit to achieving this goal at a minimum.  To this end, the coaching staff expects all players to begin the season in better physical condition overall.  The pre-season fitness standard for Varsity includes a 7:20 mile and a competitive time on two successive 300 yard runs (average of both).  A Beep test may be incorporated as well.  Fitness testing will be used as a basis for selection in addition to ratings of playing ability in small and full sided games.


Team Transportation During Season:  School bus transportation is provided to all Junior Varsity and C Team away games. Buses are scheduled by the coaches through the Athletics Secretary.  Varsity Team players will be transported by bus to the games scheduled in Renton, Seattle, Woodinville and Bothell.  Although many players have their driver’s license, we ask that parents transport Varsity Team players to and from local venues.  It is most often the case that parent transportation of students, particularly after games, is more practical than taking a return bus.


Note:  The EHS Sports Participation Fee does pay for all buses to and from all venues.  However, our experience over the years has been that a majority of families have found the time saved by providing their own transportation has better served the needs of the student-athlete concerning rest, homework, etc.




Chuck Krieble-Head Coach:               PH:  425-941-3630         

Jaclyn Williams – Varsity Assistant

Jordyn Wilson – JV Coach

Kara Popp – C Team Coach



Monday, June 3
News from Coach Krieble and the EHS Boosters

Fall Sports Registration

Begins on August 14th

Office hours are 8:00 to noon

Monday thru Friday

Office hours will be strictly enforced.   Any Sports Packets dropped off after hours and/or turned into the coach will be returned to the athlete to bring back during regular office hours.

1)      Make Payment at the Bookkeepers window

2)      Bring receipt and Sports Packet to the Athletic Window


Athletic Requirements

1)      Sports Packet submitted - no missing information

2)      Sports Fee, ASB, Fines paid (or approved waiver submitted)

3)      Valid physical for the entire season

4)      Grade check completed


Online Payments

Credit card accepted online only.  Payments can not be made until after August 1st.  Those paying online have the option of submitting the Sports Packet to the athletic office before the end of school avoiding having to come in and stand on line in August.   An e-mail will be sent to the parent in August that their student is eligible once confirmation of payment has been made / grade

Check/Cash only accepted at the Bookkeepers office


Part of the requirements for Athletic eligibility is to pay any outstanding fines.  This is a good time for parents/students to check their account (located on the LWSD website under Parent Access ).  Unpaid fines will result in an athlete not receiving clearance.  Checking now will eliminate any “surprises” in August.   Also, the staff member who assigned the fine is the only one that can remove it.  If the student feels it is in error staff will not be available if they wait until August to try and clear it up.  They will have to pay the fine and wait until school is in session and if needed will receive a refund.

Outstanding uniforms/equipment can only be returned to the coach.  Spring athletes need to take care of it now!  They will not be accepted at the office.

Missing  signatures, information and expired physicals

All forms need to be filled out completely.  That means both students and parent signatures, insurance information, emergency numbers etc.  Missing information will result in an athlete not being cleared.

Physicals are valid for 24 months and need to be current the entire season to receive clearance.   Parents/Athletes can call the office and confirm the date of their physical that is on file.


There is limited financial help available for the $275 Sports Fee (waivers can not cover the $40 ASB card or fines).  I have not seen the new Waiver form yet, but only those on Free and Reduced lunch will be granted a full waiver.  All other athletes will be required to pay a portion of the sports fee.   An approved waiver needs to be submitted to the bookkeeper prior to an athlete receiving clearance.  Families need to plan ahead for this process.

Process to obtain a waiver

Complete a Waiver Form

Submit to the Athletic director for approval

Approved Waiver (and partial payment) turned into the bookkeeper and receipt brought to the Athletic Office with the Sports Packet

Academic Eligibility

Based on 2nd semester grades - the criteria is passing all classes AND a minimum GPA of 2.00. 

Failure to meet Academic Standard will result in:

Football/Golf/Tennis/Swim/XC/Cheer/Dance – one game/meet suspension

Volleyball/Soccer – Two game/meet suspension

Youth Sports – Head Injury Guidelines And Procedures - “The Lystedt Law” HB 1824

Recently, the state of Washington passed HB 1824, “The Lystedt Law,” which is a concussion and head injury management law. Within this law is a component for High Schools, which includes its coaches, parents, student-athletes and the athletic organizations which utilize the high schools.
Below is a link to a website for more information regarding the Lystedt Law:
This law states that “all athletes and the parent(s)/guardian(s) of those athletes sign and return an information sheet relating to the nature and risk of concussion or head injury.”
Please print and review the Parent/Athlete Information Sheet (POSTED ON THE HANDOUT PAGE) and return a signed copy to your coach your first game.
In the upcoming seasons, we will add this information to the eligibility packets for your future review and sign off.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Brent Kawaguchi, Athletic Director for Eastlake High School.

Handout: Concussion Form

Thursday, September 15
Shopping at Safeway = $$$ for Eastlake Girls Soccer! Escrip is quick, easy and free!

Eastlake Girls Soccer has an Escrip account and we'd like to encourage everyone to enroll....just follow the link by clicking on the headline. All you have to do is input your Safeway club card number. Don't know it? No worries! Just call Safeway at 1-800-723-3929 to get your number.

We are raising money for both this year and next. Your help ensures that your soccer player will have a robust and competitive program to participate in. The benefits to being an active participant in High School athletics are innumerable!

Don't wait! Call Safeway for your number then come back to this site to follow the link to Escrip. Fundraising doesn't get any easier! All funds generated via this easy fundraiser go into the Eastlake Girls Soccer general fund. This is free and everyone utilizes several of the services provided, so please enroll today and forward to your friends and families! You can designate several groups in your account so no need to choose favorites!

Group Name: Eastlake Girls Soccer             Group ID: 500006643

Thanks for your support!

Friday, June 29
Playing Youth Sports Helps Women in Their Careers

Tuesday, May 20
Phyllis J. Kirkpatrick Pride of the Pack Scholarship

Phyllis J. Kirkpatrick Pride of the Pack Scholarship


The EHS Girls Soccer Booster Club is pleased to offer the Phyllis J. Kirkpatrick Pride of the Pack Scholarship! This $500 award goes to seniors who have actively participated in the Eastlake High School Girls Soccer Program as a player/manager/trainer for at least two seasons in the last four years and one of those seasons was during their senior year – as well as having maintained a 3.0 GPA. This scholarship is given in honor of late Phyllis June Kirkpatrick. Ms. Kirkpatrick and her family moved to Sammamish in 1991 where her kids went to school and she became actively involved in the community. She loved soccer, even in the rain, and was known to be a “fair but tough” defender in her playing days as well. Scholarship applications are in the counselor's office at school (Applications are due by April 17th). An independent scholarship committee will assess applications received and will announce this year's recipient at the end of May. Once the scholarship winner has enrolled in school in the fall, the EHS Boosters will send the award directly to the school. Questions can be directed to Michelle Grinslade, EHS Girls' Soccer Booster President -

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