East Hardy County Little League: Welcome

Thursday, April 23
Welcome to the East Hardy Little League

Welcome to the East Hardy County Little League.


Have a great season!!!



Ump 1
Monday, April 7
Umpire Listing 2015

EHCLL Umpire Listing

Name                                 Phone #

Kelly Heishman              540-556-7010

Bill Tharp                        540-325-9304

Scott Mongold                540-325-1298

Steve Whetzel                540-810-0214

Kevin Price                     304-897-7159

Ryan Miller                     304-703-2037

Bradley Whetzel             540-908-5843

Gerald Reel                    540-214-9389

Jared Combs                  540-746-3310

Jason Barb                     304-897-7508

Don Whetzel                  304-897-8000

Cole Nichols                   304-897-6014

Rob Kerr                        304-897-7083

David "Tater" Miller        304-851-4225

Tom Delawder               304-897-6407

1-2 Days advance notice is needed for plate umpire confirmation.

Base umpires can knowledgeable parent volunteers at the game.

Handout: Umpire Listing 2015

Friday, April 3
2015 EHCLL Game Schedules


The 2015 Season is here!!!! Game Schedules are available for download.

Managers, coaches and parents don't forget to complete your teams concession list for your home games. It is the responsibility of the Managers/Coaches to schedule concessions. 

Have a great season...Be Safe....Have Fun!


Kelly Heishman

EHCLL President

Handout: Game Schedules

Tuesday, April 7
2015 Interleague Managers and Coaches

Click the below handout for the 2015 Interleague Managers/Coaches Listing
Handout: 2015 Interleague Managers and Coaches

Tuesday, April 14
2015 Regular Season Practice Schedule

Below is the link to the Regular Season Practice Schedules. Please coordinate any changes with coaches and managers.
Handout: Regular Season Practice Schedule