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John Jay Players Clinic Registration Form

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East Fishkill Baseball Association Incident Form

Any incidents during the baseball season must have an incident form filled out appropriately and timely for insurance reasons. Coaches should print off as many forms as they need and keep some handy at all games and practices.

1. Fill in all information as required.
2. Notify League Director and League Safety Officer immediately after incident. Notification should not be more than 24 hours after the incident.
3. Photocopy completed form making three copies as follows: Manager of Team, League Director, and League President.


Directors/Managers/Coaches Handouts

These are files that should be used by the Director's, Managers and Coaches in conjunction with East Fishkill Baseball.
1) Coaches code of conduct gets signed by every coach and kept on file by the league directors.
2) Parents Code of Conduct gets signed by the Parents and/or Guardians and is reviewed by the Manager or Coach and kept on file by the manager along with the Medical Release forms of every child.
3) Coaches Equipment Handout is to be used by the Directors to go over the equipment guidelines and signed and kept by the League Director.
4) Coaches Meeting Points Handout is required by the Manager or Coach to review with his parents/players at the start of the season.
5) The Umpires Code Of Conduct is to be reviwed by the Director of Umpires and signed by the Umpire and kept by the Director.
6) Players equipment handout is for Managers/Coaches to handout to their players at the first practice so they can be prepared for the season.





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