Eastfield United Soccer Club: Coaches Corner

Monday, November 30
What It Takes To Be The Best

IMPROVEMENT - commit to learning

VISION - sharpen your focus, clarity always

TEAM WORK - help everyone win. there is no
            'i' in team

EXPECTATIONS - strive to do better everyday.
               high expectations win

EMOTIONS - interpret reality objectively,
           never put negative labels on

PERSISTENCE - never, never, never give up.
              ignore people who say it can't
              be done

MOTIVATION - believe in yourself. set daily
             goals and keep reaching higher

SELF-CONFIDENCE - act as if you could never
                  fail, never let reaction
                  overwhelm you.

ATTITUDE - turn obstacles into stepping
           stones. every obstacle is an
           opportunity for growth

"Whose Your Mark"
What opposing player are you guarding? Find that player and stick with them. You will hear this mainly on opposing team throw-ins and corner kicks.

"Not in the Middle"
Defensive goal kicks and passes are never to go through the middle. Always keep them outside.

Keep a clear mind on the field. Focus on your job throughout the game. If you focus on the game for the time you are there, mistakes will be at a minimum and you will always come out feeling good about your performance.