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Eastern Eagles High School Baseball - Louisville, KY


In the off-season between 2014 and 2015, a new turf infield was constructed thanks to the coaches, booster club, alumni, and numerous parents/friends of the program. The 2015 season has many great things going for it, but the anticipation of the new turf infield will certainly have everyone antsy to get on the field!

Eastern Eagles Baseball Information

Winter Workout Schedule 1/26-1/31

Monday        4:30-6:30      WHITE SQUAD

Tuesday        4:30-6:30      BLUE SQUAD

Wednesday   4:30-6:30      WHITE SQUAD

Thursday      4:30-6:30      BLUE SQUAD

                     6:30-8:00      BLACK SQUAD

Friday           4:30-5:30      WHITE SQUAD

                     5:30-7:00      BLACK SQUAD

Saturday      9:00-11:00     Conditioning Running. Meet in dugout at 8:50am.

                    11:00-1:00     SATURDAY SQUAD

                     1:30-3:30      BLACK SQUAD


                          Saturday Squad Groups

                          •11:00 - Blecha, A. Burke, K. Burke, Ni. Eubanks, Johnson, Ba. Sutton

                          •11:30 - Amettis, DeWitt, Hess, Nunn, Parker, Patterson, G. Sullivan

                          •12:00 - Fisher, Kadoguchi, Pence, Peterson, Sams, Searcy

                          •Catchers report at 11:00



Yellow Book Deliveries

We will do our deliveries on Saturday, February 7th from 9:00am - 3:00pm (or later if we don't get them all delivered by then).  We will get the books delivered to Frank Otte later this week.        
           Bagging the phone books at Frank Otte
  • The Black Squad will bag the phone books on Tuesday, February 3, from 5:00pm - 7:00pm.
  • The Blue Squad will bag the phone books on Wednesday, February 4, from 3:00pm - 5:00pm.
  • The White Squad will bag the phone books on Thursday, February 5, from 3:00pm - 5:00pm. 

          Delivering the phone books

  • White Squad will deliver the phone books on Saturday, February 7, from 9:00am - Noon.
  • Blue & Black Squads will deliver the phone books on Saturday, February 7, from Noon - 3:00pm.

We need to have at least 7 parent drivers per squad.  The parent will also take care of the paperwork which is basically marking the addresses where books are delivered.  There will be a brief training on this, but it is easy.  Please let Becky Nosil (nosil@bellsouth.net) know if you can drive, what shift and how many players you can take by Sunday, February 1. 



Check out our Whitaker Challenge that will take place the week before tryouts from Monday, February 9th until Saturday, February 14th.


The 2015 Varsity, JV, & Freshmen Schedules have been added to the website. There are individual pages for each team. There is also a printable document you can download on the "Handouts" page.



Scholar Athletes For First Semester

  • Seniors - Eddie Blecha, Kyle Burke, Kory Smith, Cameron Watson
  • Juniors - Landon Campbell, Austin DeWitt, Tommy Franconia, Chad Lanzone, Ryan Patterson, Bailey Sutton
  • Sophomores - Ryan Kadoguchi, Ryan Nosil, Kyle Nunn, Andrew Parker, Tyler Pence, Chase Peterson, Will Sams, Austin Searcy
  • Freshmen - Andrew Baete, Jacob Coleman, Luke Fisher, Riley Hall, Tanner Head, Ryan Reynolds, LJ Spiller, Trevor Talley, Tyler Wills



2014 Varsity Record: 29-7

2014 JV Record: 23-5-1

2014 Freshmen Record: 10-16-1