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Thu 3/23 Hockey-Ice Regular Season 9:30 PM - Sep 21, 2017 11:00 PM Scarborough Village Arena
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Bruins Under 21 Hockey


We are looking for dedicated 16-20 yr old players, AT ALL POSITIONS driven to compete at the highest level while completing their educational endeavors.  Each seasons schedule is designed for the team to play against an array of talent to help improve our players individual skills as well as developing, as a team, on the ice over the course of the year. The program has established a standard of 70-75 games per season over the past 18 years.  Each year as the graduating veterans move on, we bring in a new group of enthusiastic rookies looking to improve their own game, develop new friendships and carry on with a game they love.

The Program has set itself apart from most teams in many ways. Whether its playing in more tournaments, having 5 different age groups or simply by running its own website for the last 18 years.  While a number of teams have attempted to follow suit, sometimes in part, the Program continues to demonstrate a leadership role within the Under 21 division.  Coach Morton wears several hats within the Under 21 hockey scene aside from looking after the boys when their on the ice.  Organizing the annual Preseason Exhibition Weekend, the Under 21 All Star game and host of the exclusive UNDER 21 only Under 21 Hockey Showcase.  Catch all the action and keep tabs on your favourite player as they progress through the season from our website.  Last season a new Under 21 Division website was launched and you can follow the entire division.  Watch for the link.  

2017-18 Showcase/Tournament Commitments

Mercyhurst University Showcase  Oct 19-22  Erie, Pa 

Under 21 Hockey Showcase Tournament  Nov 16-19  Toronto 

Mooretown Silver Stick  January 4-7, 2018  Mooretown, Ontario

Entering its 19th season, under Coach Morton, the commitment to develop more than just a team environment will continue for the players. The Program has committed to providing the best opportunity to build on something "new"....each and every season. To take pride in developing team chemistry and pass on experience and knowledge gained to the new recruits each season. Further developing a player's own level of play through "Game In" experience.  Pucks, pylons and drills can only go so far in the development of a player.  Actual "game experience" is the cornerstone to our Programs ability to develop and prepare a player looking at playing at the next level.

The Program will continue to provide an average 60-65 games while playing a variety of opponents each season. The Program promotes a strict, disciplined and supportive structure that allows players to continue to play within a competitive environment, while committing to their educational endeavours. Allowing a player to further develop his own skill set while contributing to the overall team concepts.  We pride ourselves on having one of the best dressing rooms at this age group. We want the boys to be part of something going forward. 


Head Coach- Chris Morton    (647) 629-4586  Cell