Bruins Under 21 Hockey: Welcome


After 18 years of great Juvenile/Under 21 Hockey, the doors have closed on the longest running Program for the age category. After 1400+ games, the time had come to move on. In part, because of the lack of support the division experienced and the drop in experience within the ranks.

Under its only Head Coach, Chris Morton, the Program travelled south of the border and developed contacts and affiliations with many USA Junior Hockey programs.

From Chicago to Fort Wayne, Boston and several East Coast locations and as far south as Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia. Opening the door to U.S. College Hockey for several Canadian (GTHL/OMHA) players at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania.

As the founding member and leadership behind the Under 21 Committee, Coach Morton introduced the Showcase/All Star Day and then the Gardner Cup Showcase tournament as annual "Juvenile/Under 21 Only" events. That led to further developments for the age group by extending its participation to OMHA and  U.S. Junior programs. Always promoting good friendships and a unique solidarity amongst the coaches and players.

The Program was always committed to providing the best opportunity to build on something "new"....each and every season. To take pride in developing team chemistry and pass on experience and knowledge gained to the new recruits each season. Further developing a player's own level of play through "Game In" experience. Actual "game experience" was the cornerstone to the Programs ability to develop and prepare a player looking at playing at the next level.

The Program always provided a variety of opponents each season. The Program promoted a strict, disciplined and supportive structure that allowed players to continue to play within a competitive environment, while committing to their educational endeavours. Allowing a player to further develop his own skill set while contributing to the overall team concepts. 

The Program always pride itself on having the best dressing rooms at this age group. The Program always wanted the boys to that they were part of something bigger going forward. 

Just look at the character of the individuals listed on the Program Alumni Wall.

Something to be proud to be a part of, and always welcome to share a drink and certainly a few hockey or life stories.

Your Coach in Hockey and.....sometimes in life.

Take Care