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Thanks Maddie, Marta, Courtney, and Kim
These four girls came to practice even though there were howling winds and rain pelting down. The four of them got some valuable batting practice.

Game 11 vs. Altamont 14-8
The weather held and it turned out OK as the infamous winds stayed down to a cool breeze and allowed us to actually play a full 6 inning game today.

Some of the notable things today were;

Kyairah played the catcher position for the first time today and did very well. Can you tell by her smile? Our offensive batting is not letting up much and the team as a whole hit 0.667 which isn't our best but what an improvement over the beginning of the season. Trystan continues her hitting streak and she was the only one to hit a triple today. Way to go girls! We won't be having practice this Sunday because of Mothers Day so try to continue playing catch at home while we have our second week off of practice. Hopefully the layoff from batting practice won't be too harmful.

Our defensive looked for the most part very impressive as the girls continue to play heads up. I think the team is about ready to make their first double play of the season. :) Check out the photo below where Regan and Courtney team up to make a play at first. You can't tell from the photo but poor Courtney had some eye swelling that made her vision impaired. She is such a trooper! Kim played first also and made several great catches to prevent any additional bases from being made. Regan had a wonderful backup play at first coming in from left field to again limit the runners.

It is a thankless job but it is high time for a "Thanks again!" to the wonderful parents of the team that volunteer in so many ways! Today it was Pete at umpire, Chris as Dugout Assistant, Morgan as Dugout Assistant, Gina as pitcher, Molina's Snack, Lisa as Scorekeeper and Jamie doing Field Duty. And of course the ever present Adam doing everything :)
Team Volunteer Photos   Game 11 Photos   Game 11 Stats

Saturday, May 3
Schedule Confirmation is OK
Sorry about the scheduling problem today with the miscommunication of the 8am versus 11am start time for the Alameda game. I have gone over the remainder of our games with the "Final-Final" schdedule from Mike Kashinski and we shouldn't have any more problems.

Thursday, April 24
Picture Day is coming up! UPDATED to May 9
*UPDATED*; Angels Picture Day is set for Friday, May 9 at 7:45pm. Be there 15 minutes early 7:30 in the building behind the Snackbar at Eastdale.

It's that time again. EDLL Picture Day is going to be scheduled for Saturday, May 10. The information on the team and individual pictures will be available this upcoming Saturday at the EDLL concession stand. Christine, our team mom, will keep everyone informed.

Saturday, May 3
Game 10 vs. Alameda 13-3
The day didn't start too well as we showed up for an 8:00 am game that due to some miscommunications was moved to 11 am and we didn't know about it. The good news is we took many of the girls over to Eastdale just down the road from Alameda and had an impromptu practice. The bad news is we may have over did it slightly as it seemed the team was just a little tired.

However the girls came back well after the Alameda team came fighting back to get the score close at 8-3. The next inning brought out a 5 run inning to force a 10 run rule to close out the game.

We had new rule introduced to use again at this game. Alameda uses their own local rule where they draw lines in the baselines at the 50% mark. This helps the umpire determine whether to send a runner forward or backward after the pitcher gains control of the ball.

Some of the games highlights were;
* The pitching machine was causing some havoc for both teams as it would consistantly pitch the ball outside the plate even after adjustments were at the beginning of an inning. So the further down in order you were during an inning made it difficult.
* Kim about tore the cover off the ball with an extremely hard hit ball which fortunately didn't cause any injuries as the shortstop was able to field the ball safely into her glove only giving up a single.
* Monique and Claire also got into the act with the hardest hits of the seasons for them. They both smacked flies into the outfield for hits.
Game Stats   Game Photos

Saturday, May 3
Have Fun ANGELS! (Video)
This is a rally cheer after an inning to remind the girls that it is about having some fun. (click here or the video icon below) This is Coach Mark leading the team in a Have Fun cheer during game 10 vs Alameda. The file is compact so those of you with dial up should be able to see it ok.

Message Board is Back!
Alright. The message board has been re-added to the website. Be sure to go look at it and add your comments or questions. This is an excellent way for you to be more a part of the team, whether you are a player or a parent. So let's make this season even more fun and send in any of your thoughts.

Monday, April 28
Game 9 against Petroglyph; 19-2
What a fun day down at the ballpark! The weather was excellent and the ANGELS played one of their best games yet. The ANGELS played very well against the visiting Petroglyph team. The final score was 19-2 in favor of the ANGELS. The Angels hitting has improved so much since the beginning of the year. For the second game in a row, everyone got a hit!
*Lainey and Courtney both got their first home runs of the season!
*Kyairah came back from her trip to hit 2-2.
*Courtney picked up the award for best hitter as she went 3-3, 1 home run, 2 doubles, and 1 run.
*Maddie has proved that she is one of the fastest runners on the team by flying down the first base line to beat out the throw.
*The ANGELS had a record low of only 4 strike outs for the whole game.
*Trystan did an awesome job as catcher, catching almost every single pitched ball.
*Taylor did a great job of getting down on the ball and blocking a hard hit grounder.
*All around the whole team has greatly improved!

Half-way through the season and doing great!

Game Photos

Saturday, April 26
Game 8 vs. Roadrunner 20-8
(Make sure to check out the Album's link to the left for today's latest photos) Another GREAT day for softball as the Angels played at the T-Ball field at the home team Roadrunner. The Angels were phenomenal against the Roadrunner's with everyone hitting. The final score was 20-8 as the Angels are on a four game winning streak. Great Job!

There are a lot of highlights from this game
*Monique scooped up a grounder at 2nd and flung it to Kim at first for the out.
*Brooke, 2nd base, also made an out throwing to Courtney at 1st Base.
She also later on fielded one up at pitcher and threw to Hannah at first base for the last out of the game.
*Great back up from everyone on the team and specifically Claire as she hustled out to back up like a champ over in left field.

Offensively we were awesome! It was our best hitting performance yet.
-Here is how everyone hit-
*Brooke 2-4. Hannah 4-4, 2 doubles. Kim 3-3, 1 double, 1 triple. Lainey 3-3. Claire 2-3, 1 double, 1 triple. Courtney 2-3, 1 double. Monique 3-3, 3 doubles. Maddie 1-3, 1 triple. Gabrielle 3-3.
Marta 3-3. Trystan 3-3. Regan 2-3. Taylor 2-3. See game stats here
Our next game

-Everyone got on Base!
*Trystan has continued her hitting streak to SIX in a row. I hear that good ole Dad's motivational ice cream tip is working like a champ and she is now into milk shakes :)
*Many of the girls smacked the ball hard to the fence.
*Poor Gabrielle was knocked down twice by the shortstop as she was running to second but she is so TOUGH.
*Trystan picked up the PLAY of the GAME! She accidently over ran second base and made a great slide to get back under the tag of the second baseman!

Huge Thanks to some GREAT parents!
*Antoinette, Claire's mom, somehow was able to keep the score correct as scorekeeper with all of the people batting out of order on the other team!
*Christine, Brooke's mom and our AMAZING team mom, was thinking ahead and covered snack duty today in place of Kyairah's family who could not make the game.
*Phil, Brooke's dad, was a huge help sticking around and restoring the field. Thanks.
*Dee Dee, Monique's mom, was a great help in the dugout getting the girls ready.
*Jamie and Pete, Hannah's dad and Lainey's dad, did great with helping us at the pitching machine.
*Gabrielle's Dad Flo for being an umpire! (Check out the photo of them together in the photo album for this game.)
*Also thanks to Morgan, Courtney's older sister, and Caleb, Hannah's younger brother, for also helping out with the dugout.

Great Game ANGELS!!! Comments by Coach Adam

Thursday, April 24
Isotopes Game! Practice Cancelled :)
We just got this message from our team mom, Christine.

Hello! I just received a phone call from EDLL (Wendy). She is heading up the EDLL Day at the ISOTOPES game. The game is Sunday, May 4, 2003 at 1:30pm. The price is $13.00 per person. The $13.00 includes an $8.00 ticket for the game and all you can eat hotdogs, chips, and soda. Anyone two years of age and older is required to have a ticket.

I apologize for the late notice. I was just told this evening. I will call all of the parents sometime tomorrow to get an estimate of the people interested in going. I need to give her a number by Friday. The money needs to be turned in by this Sunday.

She will be collecting money on Saturday. Just a reminder that the game is on Sunday afternoon so we will NOT be having practice that day.

Practice will be cancelled on May 4th
Our Sunday practice will be cancelled on May 4th while the EDLL Day at the Isotopes Game is going on.

Tuesday, April 22
Game 7 vs. Eastdale Diamondbacks! 16-12
-Angels hand Diamondbacks first loss-
After enduring strong winds, dirt, and a different field the Angels were able to defeat the Diamondbacks 16-12. After a shaky start of going down by 5 runs the Angels were able to pull it together and come back to give the Diamondbacks their first loss of the season.

Every game the Angels have continued to show major improvement. Here are some of the highlights from the game;

*Maddie was able to block every ball that came her way at third base.
*Hannah put out 2 batters at 1st base in the 4th inning.
*Kimberly scooped up a hit ball at short stop and made a diving tag to get the last out in the fifth inning.
*The PLAY OF THE GAME was by Courtney in the 6th. Danielle of the Diamondbacks crushed a line drive toward third base that was headed for the fence but Courtney stepped up and made a HUGE catch to grab the first out in the inning.
*Kyairah sped out to the outfield to scoop up a ball and quickly threw it into the infield.
*Taylor made 2 great stops at catcher when there were 2 different plays at the plate.

*Our first five batters went 15 for 15 and racked up 13 runs.
*Trystan continued her hitting streak with 2 more hits today. Her dad once again treated her out to ice cream.
*Brooke, Hannah, Kimberly, Lainey, Claire, Maddie, Gabrielle, and Trystan hit every time at bat.
*Kim racked up another 2 home runs.
*Only 6 strike outs from the entire team.

Great Game Angels!!!

Cheer your fellow team mates
Here is the fun little cheer the team does for each other when they come up to bat. The girls call out the number of the player and her nickname.
preview Cheer-Is her number

Saturday, April 19
Game 6 vs Coronado Angels
The weather held out for the game and I have to say that I believe this was the best I have seen the ANGELS play so far! 14-0 They were very focused on and off the field as you can see in the photo above of Lainey and Courtney studying the positions they would be playing today in the line up board.

The ANGELS did everything today defensively and offensively. There were lots of put outs at the bases and heads up plays by the infielders. Some of the examples were;
* Kim had a grounder at first that popped out of her mitt but she ran after it and scooped it up and raced back to first to get the out.
* Gabrielle had a grounder to third that she just missed making a play on but alertly threw to second base to catch the runner going to second. This was made possible by a heads up backup covering at second base by Claire.
* Courtney hustled around the pitching machine at pitcher to grab the ball and whipped it down to Kim at first base in time for the out.
* Maddie scooped up a grounder at pitcher and threw it over to Hannah at first base for another out.
* Trystan got her first hit today as she connected squarely with the ball sending it down the left side of the infield. I think her Dad found the proper motivation by promising her an Ice Creme sandwich for every hit she got today. :)
* Kim racked up another home run plus got a few ooh-ahhs with a high fly ball that went sailing into deep left field but just barely went foul.
* Brooke, Lainey, Kim, Courtney, Claire, Marta, and Gabrielle all got hits every single time at bat.
* As a whole team there were only 6 strikeouts for the entire game!
* The team batting average was an outstanding .677!
Great Job! As usual THANKS to Phil for the photos

Tuesday, April 15
Game 5 vs Altamont postponed due to weather
Altamont Rockies showed up at Eastdale and was greeted with the infamous spring time winds. We barely got two innings in before the wind that whipped up the clay into the players eyes forced us to postpone the game. Poor Marta and Kyairah playing over in right field got their eyes filled to the point of tears. Of course the wind made for a wind chill factor that caused many of the girls to shiver tremendously. For those present that windy day and were wondering what all the discussion was on the field...

Altamont gives the NO Stealing rule a new twist. They allow for the girls to advance a base after an overthrow to first AND if the ball is overthrown back to the pitcher... They are teaching their girls to simply run the ball back to the pitcher and put it in their hand. They consider the play is live until the ball is in the pitchers hand inside the 10ft pitcher's mound circle UNLESS an overthrow had just occured. Just a simple reminder to myself to review this application of the rule for future clarification before we play them again.

Example of what happened: Runner on first. Ball is hit to pitcher who overthrows first. Runner advances to third and batter runs at risk to second. The runners hold. The firstbase man overthrows back to the pitcher so Altamont sent the runner on third home and the runner on second to third.

The coach said that Altamont recommends to their players after an overthrow to coach their firstbase man to simply walk the ball back to the pitcher. Personally this seems just silly to me. I understand the "no stealing; one base on an overthrow" rule so throwing back to the pitcher after the first overthrow shouldn't be penalized.

Monday, April 14
Game 4; April 14 against Petroglyph Dodgers
Playing out on the west side of town against Petroglyph Dodgers proved to be a fun event for the girls. They went from a team that played not so well defense just a day ago to a team that just couldn't miss tonight. Hitting was a huge improvement too as a team we batted much better.

It seems that the EDLL pitching machine isn't alone in its last legs as the Petroglyph machine was just as bad. The seven pitch rule from Petrogylph was in effect which is really bad when you have a pitching machine acting up. I thought it might turn out to be a long night but the girls got a bead on the ball and hit well. Hannah got it all started by coming up to the plate and powered out to the outfield her first home run of the season as she flew around the bases. Kimberly got in the act too as she hit two home runs and a triple to top off the power hitting in todays game. Lainey who missed the last game showed up ready to go as she hit 2 for 2 matching the hitting streak of Regan and Taylor. Way to go girls!

Other notables was the fielding... Hannah and Courtney paired up for some great plays for outs. Kim charged forward from shortstop on a ball and threw one of the hardest balls I have seen yet from her. This play was made more remarkable with the fantastic one bounce catch over at first by Hannah. It made more than a few heads turn including mine with that play.

Our catchers are improving. I saw several of our girls get more confident behind the plate tonight. As the girls demonstrate concentration I will try them out behind the plate. Gabrielle posed for a picture for me with our Diamond Sports gear on. Looking good!

Coaching Corner Tips
Parents please help with the developement of the girls by playing catch with them at home. Throw each day for about 15 min. to improve confidence and eye-hand coordination. You can do it with a softer safety ball (RIF) if they are afraid. As the girl shows the ability to catch the ball throw a little firmer to their glove. You can also throw grounders to them and make sure they go after the ball (not simply let the ball go to them) and then quickly throw the ball back to you.

On the throwing mechanics look for proper positioning of the feet and arm with the glove hand being used as a pointer at the target they are throwing at.

Also don't neglect throwing some pop-ups in the air for them to catch. Watch carefully that they are using their gloved hand to catch the ball with the other hand assisting the glove to close.

For safety reasons I am reluctant to play girls in the infield that can't pay attention or show the ability to catch a ball.

This is a good time to highlight two of our most improved players Lainey and Hannah. It is evident to the coaching staff that they have worked hard outside of scheduled practice times to be much better at these skills. We all can't be Lainey and Hannah but our goal as coaches is to see positive effort in the basic skills area. Go get 'em Angels!

Parent Volunteer Assignments
Christine our Team Mom got the Parent volunteer duty assignment finished up. I will have it available as a Word Document download in the Handouts link. Photos of our Volunteers at work!

Date Location Concession Field Duty Snacks Scorekeeper Pitching Dugout Duty
5-Apr EDLL Gallegos Ayala- Williams Korsan Shonrock Beenau TBA
8-Apr EDLL McCallister Beenau-Winter Ayala Quintana TBA Atkins
12-Apr EDLL   Gallegos-Welsh Quintana Shonrock Molina Ayala
14-Apr PETROGLYPH   Korsan-McCallister Atkins Quintana Welsh Winter
15-Apr EDLL Williams Molina-Ayala  Gallegos Shonrock Korsan Beenau
19-Apr EDLL Welsh Hartman-Ayala McCallister Quintana Winter Gallegos
22-Apr EDLL Korsan Gallegos Coffing Quintana Molina McCallister
26-Apr ROADRUNNER   Quintana-Ayala Williams Shonrock McAlister Molina
28-Apr PETROGLYPH   Winter-Molina Hartman Shonrock Gallegos Williams
3-May ALAMEDA   Welsh-Korsan Shonrock Quintana Welsh Hartman
5-May ALTAMONT   McCallister-Williams Molina Shonrock Hartman Welsh
10-May EDLL Beenau Hartman-Ayala Welsh Quintana Ayala Winter
13-May EDLL Winter Quintana-Welsh Beenau Shonrock Williams Coffing
15-May EDLL   Ayala-Beenau Winter Quintana Welsh McCallister
17-May EDLL Molina Ayala-Winter Gallegos Shonrock Beenau Quintana
19-May PETROGLYPH    Williams-Molina Hartman Quintana Beenau Atkins
31-May EDLL Hartman Ayala-Welsh Coffing Quintana Korsan Ayala
3-Jun EDLL Welsh Gallegos-Hartman Atkins Quintana Williams Coffing
7-Jun EDLL   Winter-McCallister Ayala Shonrock Hartman Williams

Handout: Angels Team Parent and Team Asst Duties

Sunday, April 13
Game 3 Comments by Coach Dale
The Diamondbacks performed great as the mercy rule took effect after 4 innings with a score of 10-0. The ANGELS did well but were not able to string together our hits at the right time which resulted in several runners being stranded.

The ANGELS continue to work towards improving their catching and hitting skills. The pitching machine seemed to take on a life of its own again as it makes it very difficult for the players to watch many balls dump in the dirt before reaching home plate while an occassional one will come in the strike zone. The good news is the league president was on hand witnessing the machine in all its glory.

Some bright spots in the game;
* Five of the girls hit 1000 for the game; Hannah, Kim, Claire, Monique, Regan.
* Brooke and Trystan had some awesome fielding catches on some infield grounders hit in their direction.
* Backup by the outfields has improved as I see more of the girls move instinctively towards backing up our infielders.
smile Kyairah wins the award for the happiest smile of the game!

Way to go team!

Some Coaching tips! It will be a big help to the girls if some additional time is spent with them to simply play more catch with the girls at home. This really will help in eye-hand coordination required for making some of the basic plays.

NEW Practice Schedule
We have had our practice times changed. We will no longer have a Thursday practice now due to games being played during the week.

Due to work being done on the other Softball field it is requiring all the Softball teams to share our field #4 until further notice.

I apologize for any inconvenience but our new time for the Sunday practice has now been changed to be from 3-4pm on the field. We will have optional batting practice to be from 4-5pm at the Majors field.

Thursday, April 10
Game 2; Comments by Coach Mark
I was unfortunately out of town on and wasn't able to attend the second game. Coach Mark sent in some notes (included below) that informed me on how the team did. Sounds like we are improving and need to get out pitching machine repaired very quickly. :) Coach Dale

"The game went great .... we won 12-2. The defense in the field was surprisingly good....Kim and Courtney carried the load, zero errors and between them and probably 8-9 outs! Not a bad game in the field from Brooke (pitcher), Taylor (outfield) and Marta & Gabrielle at (catcher)! Batting was even better...once we replaced the pitching machine with the Major machine (more consistency). ...problems at the beginning of the game with the inconsistent pitching machine
but came on later. The bottom of the order was surprisingly good... People who need to get rep's on the machine (when it is working).... Trystan, Taylor, Gabrielle, Regan, Marta (swinging through the ball, but hit each time at the game) ...the girls need to work on getting their gloves down to the ground and stopping the ball (no passed balls). ...Overall great improvement from the 1st game...."

Remember girls! Get out and play catch during the week with your family to improve your hand-eye coordination which can always get better. I would like to see more of you at first base and be able to catch a ball thrown to you in the air.

Friday, April 11
We were just notified to a change on our game schedule. On 4/28 Mon the game against Petroglyph Dodgers will be a HOME game now played at Eastdale. The change was made because all three of our original Petroglyph Dodgers games were scheduled for us to be VISITOR.

Saturday, April 5
The Revised and Final Game Schedule
We have the revised (and final?) schedule posted now. Please refer to the Schedule link and click on printable version if you would like to get a print out Schedule Link

Opening Day Game
The girls did well for their first game. The weather cooperated with the wind waiting until late in the game to kick up. Some of the highlights are Marta getting on base all three times she went to bat, Kim hitting a home run and scoring two other teamates, Brooke and Courtney hustling out from a soccer game to make it to our game, but we ran out of time (Hold on for next time Brooke!), excellent backup fielding, etc. Check out the photo album link for new photos.

On the Sunday practice, 3/30/03, we handed out a paper regarding opening ceremonies and the schedule. Please note that the schedule is incorrect. Do not start writing the games in on your calender. Roadrunner Little League has decided that they are going to be playing this year. That means a new schedule is going to have to be made. This will could possibly change a lot of the game days and times. We will give you the actual schedule as soon as possible. The first game is the only game that is certain. Saturday, April 5th, 11:00 am @ Eastdale.
       Also the information regarding opening ceremonies is incorrect. The paper said that opening ceremonies started at 9:00 am, while the actual start time is now 9:30 am. If you could have the girls, in uniform, at the fields by 9:10 am then we can make sure every one is there. Sorry for all of the inconvenience.

Saturday, March 8
EDLL Work Day Winners!
What a day at the Rookie Softball fields! The weather was fantastic and very cooperative for getting lots of field work done. There was a large group of about 20 people out working hard on your EDLL Field #4 Softball field putting up the new green wind screening all around the fence line. Check out the photo and you can see what the installed green wind screen looks like close up all along the chain link fence.

The most memorable vounteers I think were the Molina family that was out in force with mom DeeDee Molina and the boys working like a power tools out there! Way to go Molina's!

It took about three hours to get it completed with all the trimming necessary but it really looks awesome. The only thing remaining is the yellow safety top that will go around the fence.

The huge volunteer team comprising of families from all over EDLL also helped in getting brand new layer of infield clay brought in, raked out and rolled to provide a new surface. I wish I could remember the parent that brought some pliers as it sure helped in getting up the screening. Way to think ahead... :)

There are still more work days remaining each Saturday morning where a parent can come out and put in 4 hours of volunteer time and recover the $40 collected during registration.

Little League is so much more than just the children playing ball as it really does succeed because of the adult participation on all the volunteer levels including the field work. My hat is off and a big Thanks to all that helped this last week.

Friday, March 7
Looking for News and Photos!
Submit your News
Do you have a News item that you want to share? It can be something fun or just a plain good 'ole story about what is happening in the life of the family and how it relates to the ANGELS. You can submit your News by clicking here to send in an email.

Photos Wanted
Got a great photo that you want to share? Submit a jpg format image of it for our web site album section by clicking here to send in an email. I am also looking for a team photographer that just wants to snap away at our practices and games to take some photos. (Update 3/9; Phil Ayala has a digital camera and is willing to take photos and to update the website! Thanks Phil! We can always use a backup so keep reading...) I have a digital camera that you can use so all you need to do is be willing... Come on and volunteer to be our team "shutter bug"! I currently loaded up photos from last year's Rangers that are on the ANGELS. It just gave me a chance to show you how the Albums part of the website will work. :) Here to the left is an example of one of the Album photos of one of our star players from last year....

Tuesday, March 4
2003 Season Begins!

Eastdale L.L. Rookie Girls Softball ANGELSHere is a big YOOHAH! to the 2003 Softball ANGELS and their parents!

We had our first Parents Meeting and it went well at the fields as the weather cooperated which doesn't happen very often :) Thanks to all the parents and thier girls for being a part of the new 2003 ANGELS team. It is the coaches hope that the season provides a lot of fun for everyone involved.

As a coach my philosophy is to make sure that winning doesn't take priority over the girls. Competition will be there for sure but not at the risk of safety or at not making the game of softball fun. The girls will be held responsible for learning the fundamental skills that we will endeavor to teach them through the practice drills that we use. You as parents are encouraged to be a part of this learning time. You can practice the same drills with the girls off the field at home and of course are more than welcome to be a helping part of the practice times to get a better understanding and feel for how the skills are being taught.

Skill developement is a crucial part of the girls ability to play safely on the field. The amount of fun a player will experience on the team will be directly related to the way the girl experiences the progress in the areas of batting, catching, throwing, baserunning and mental awareness of the game. I suggest that you come out and make this a summer for the family to remember by spending some time with your girl in the area of skill drills.

BigGrinWatch for the encouragement and enthusiasm during our practices and game times as we seek to smile and lots of "High 5's" at every player based on effort and determination as opposed to simply winning results. Thanks for letting your coaches be a part of your families life during this upcoming summer. Go ANGELS !!

Tuesday, March 4
Volunteers come through!

WinkThanks to all the new volunteers for this years team. A special thanks to Fred Winter for helping out in the first practice in the batting drills! I have listed the volunteer position in parenthesis next to the parents name in the table below that has graciously accepted the duties. Make sure to take a look at the important dates section below for when you should attend the mandatory meetings for your positions. Keep track here this year as I update The Volunteer Photo Album

If you haven't already done so.... all volunteers need to fill out and turn in the EDLL Volunteer form to MO Molina. You can download the forms here or get it from Handouts section of the website. I have also got the duties available for Christine the Team Parent and Suzzane the Team Assistant in the Handouts area. Thanks again to all you parents for helping out.... The ANGELS just couldn't function without all your combined help!

TrystanB I have also listed the uniform sizes for your child as collected by Coach Mark during our meeting. {YM=YouthMedium YL=YouthLarge AS=AdultSmall} Uniform Issue Day is on Saturday, March 29 so I will plan on distribution of the uniforms at practice that Sunday, March 30. I will arrange to have an impromptu photo session for the team so we can have updated photos for the girls here on the website.

Thanks to Trystan (pictured here on the left) for wearing her Rangers uniform from last year to model for the parents!

Player Size Parents (volunteer)
Brooke Ayala YL  Phil; Christine (Team Parent)
Claire Quintana YL  Manuel; Antoinette (Scorekeeper)
Courtney Atkins YL  Mark W. (Coach); Valerie
Elaine Korsan  YL  Peter H. (UMP); Susanne (Team Assistant)
Gabrielle Gallegos YM  Flo (UMP); Carolyn
Hannah McAlister AS  Jamie; Laurie
Kimberly Coffing YL  Dale L. (Manager); Tracy E.
Kyairah Williams YM  Rochelle T.
Maddie Hartman YL  Ed; Erin
Marta Shonrock YL  Clint; Lisa (Scorekeeper)
Monique Molina YM  MO; Dee Dee
Regan Welsh YM  Chris (First Aid); Dawn
Taylor Winter YM  Fred (UMP); Karen
Trystan Beenau YM  Bill; Gina

Thursday, March 6
Help with NEW wind screening
MO the VP for Softball (who happens to also be part of the ANGELS) Wink wanted to make sure that all the parents that can show up for this Saturday's work day. What makes this special is that this weekend is for us specifically!

BigGrinThis year the Rookie Softball field got brand new wind screens to be put all around the perimeter fencing. Take a look at the Tee-Ball ball field across from ours to get an idea of how it will look when it is put up. It really looks top notch with the green screen and that yellow protective collar around the top. The more volunteers the faster we can get it up.

Thursday, March 6
Scorekeeping Tutorials
eek Zowie these are super! A great big thanks out to Matt Murphy, Virginia's District 5 Information Officer for giving us permission to use his tutorials. If you are interested in learning how to keep score during our games these are some excellent resources to get the beginner started. You can download them from the Handouts section of the website.

Scorekeeping Tutorial (557KB)Click here to download

If you DO NOT have a broadband connection (cable or DSL modem), you might want to download this copy of the scorekeeping tutorial. It is the same in every respect as the next link, it just goes through page 11. There are no sample scoring sheets included in this copy.

Scorekeeping Tutorial (1.45MB))Click here to download

If you DO have a broadband connection (cable or DSL modem), you might want to download this copy of the scorekeeping tutorial. It is the same in every respect as the previous link, but it 8 pages of sample scoring sheets.

2003 Rookie Softball Division Rules
(Click on the link above to get the full details) For the benefit of all I copied the EDLL Rules that we will be ...

Pitching Machine Rules
(Click on the link above to get the full details) Since we use an electric ball pitching machine instead of a pitcher ...

No Stealing Rule Clarification
(Click on the link above to get the full details) We are NOT allowed to steal in Interleague play but these clarifications ...

Your Coaches Goal

This is going to be a great FUNdamental year! We have five girls playing for the very first time so our team should be experiencing some exciting growth in this area. There is so much reward in watching the girls get excited about playing the game of softball as their skills get better throughout the year. One of the goals of your coaches is to teach the FUNdamentals and all the while make sure it really is FUN for the girls. We will do it through skill drills with continuous encouragement.... more on that later.

2003 Interleague Playing Rules
(Click on the link above to get the full details) These are a short summary of the rules that take precedence over ...