EASTDALE LITTLE LEAGUE: Applications & Resources

Eastdale Applications Forms and additional resources.
2010 Tournament Schedules for District 8

Baseball BracketsBaseball Brackets

Baseball Game TimesBaseball Game Times

Softball BracketsSoftball Brackets

Softball Game TimesSoftball Game Times


Scorekeeping (557KB) by Matt Murphy, Virginia's District 5 Information Officer. These are great for teaching the basics of scorekeeping baseball or softball. If you DO NOT have a broadband connection (cable or DSL modem), you might want to download this copy of the scorekeeping tutorial. It is the same in every respect as the next link, it just goes through page 11. There are no sample scoring sheets included in this copy.

Scorekeeping (557KB)Scorekeeping (557KB)

Scorekeeping Tutorial (1.45MB)Scorekeeping Tutorial (1.45MB)

Safety Plan

2010 Safety Plan2010 Safety Plan


These are the Rules that are specific to Eastdale Little League. There are also Interleague rules also for those Divisions where the normal game season will include teams from other Leagues in the area.

Things Kids Don't WantThings Kids Don't Want

General EDLL Rules for 2010General EDLL Rules for 2010

EDLL Tee Ball Rules for 2010EDLL Tee Ball Rules for 2010

EDLL Rookie Baseball Rules for 2010EDLL Rookie Baseball Rules for 2010

EDLL Minor & Major Baseball RulesEDLL Minor & Major Baseball Rules

EDLL Junior & Senior BB RulesEDLL Junior & Senior BB Rules

EDLL Minor Softball RulesEDLL Minor Softball Rules

Interleague Jr-Sr BB RuleInterleague Jr-Sr BB Rule

EDLL Rookie Softball RuleEDLL Rookie Softball Rule

EDLL Major Softball RulesEDLL Major Softball Rules

EDLL Senior Softball RulesEDLL Senior Softball Rules

Interleague Softball RulesInterleague Softball Rules