East County ASA: Snack Bar Info

Snack Bar Rules:

1. Opening Day, and Closing Day every team needs to send in 1 worker for your game. Please sign in. The 1st in, will be the 1st out if we don’t need all the workers.

2. Regular season games; if you are the visiting team you need to send 1 worker to work during your game. Your worker needs to be there 15 minutes before your game starts. You are not able to work for both your kids in one shift, if they are on separate teams. This will put us down the number of people to work. Example game starts at 12:00, you need to be there by 11:45 and will be there until 1:45.

3. If you are the first game of the day you need to be there 30 minutes before your game starts. The last shift is responsible for 30 minutes after their game. That is 15 minutes more than the rest of the shifts, but we need to get ready for the rest of the day.

4. Parents or Guardians are requested to work their shift.  Exceptions will be made on an individual basis.  Talk to the person in charge of the snack bar BEFORE your scheduled day to work.  All workers must be over the age of 18.  All

5. Each team is responsible to make sure that their worker is there. If not, your game will be stopped and/or forfeited. If your parent is late, someone else from the team will need to work until they get there.

6. Bathrooms are part of our duty. We have to check them, clean them,   and keep them supplied throughout the day.

7. If there is a slow time (not many customers) please clean floor, restock, set up nacho’s and clean counters, etc. There is always something to be done.

8. Umps are given bottled water for free, they pay for everything else.

9. Board members also pay for all food. They can have all the brewed tea that they desire if it is for them.

10. Kids need to stay out of the snack bar. It is not a safe environment for them to be in, and we need all the space there is to work.

If you have any questions please ask.

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