East County ASA: Staff

2015 Board of Directors nominations happening now - voting begins soon!

We will be holding the 2015 East County ASA Board Member Elections at closing ceremonies (4/26). Board Member positions run on one year increments. People who fill roles on the board are dedicated parents and community volunteers - no one gets paid. We do this to make a difference and bring our league to the next level. Our primary goal is to ensure that the children athletes have a positive experience learning and playing softball.

The Board Member positions and the tasks they perform are listed in the Constitution & Bylaws document which can be found in the Handouts section to the left. This year East County has 200+ players from 4 to 16, playing more than 200 regular season, interleague and playoff games. We will field about 8 All Star teams for the summer and conduct all needed maintenance on 6 fields. It takes a lot of community involvement to make this all work.

East County Board Members meet every month to plan and move our league forward into the next season. If you can and want to do more to support this effort, consider becoming an East County ASA Board Member.

Please nominate yourself by writing your name on the board outisde of the snack bar. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

2013/14 Board Members

Executive Board Name Email Address
President Derek Humphries dhumphries@water.com
1st Vice President Shawn McMahon coachshawnmcmahon@gmail.com
2nd Vice President James Boissier jbbowtie3@cox.net
3rd Vice President/
Safety & Corky Coordinator
Manny Sandoval msandoval0249@aol.com
Treasurer Rebecca Humphries rhumphries@mynnb.com
Secretary Becky Evleth ecasasecretary@gmail.com
Player Agent Sarah Bryant ecasapa@yahoo.com
Clinics/Coaches Coordinator Rick Ruffino ruffinorick@gmail.com
Concessions-Melody Shelly Owens  ecasa@cox.net
Concessions-Magnolia VACANT VACANT
Field Director-Supervisor Ray Leal daddyray4@hotmail.com
Field Director-Melody JC Gonzales j.cdodgerbluegonzalez@yahoo.com
Field Director-Magnolia Bob Lewis rdlfrl143@yahoo.com
Fundraising Coordinator Jessica Moscoso ecasafundraising@gmail.com
Sergeant at Arms Adrian Contreras peanut20_1@yahoo.com
Team Parent Coordinator Jennie Logan jennifer.logan@mail.sdsu.edu
Umpire in Chief Mike Huse mhuse@cassconstruction.com
Uniform & Awards Coordinator Jennifer Johnson dave.jen@cox.net
Webmaster Edgar Moscoso ecasawebmaster@gmail.com

Director/Chairperson Name Email Address
Head Scorekeeper Amanda Fleischer a_mporvida@hotmail.com
Picture/Programs Jessica Moscoso ecasafundraising@gmail.com
Sponsor Chairperson Jessica Moscoso ecasafundraising@gmail.com
Tournament Director Derek Humphries dhumphries@water.com
Winterball Director Pamella Griffiths ecasawinterball@hotmail.com

Divison Representatives Name Email Address