East County ASA: All-Stars

Tuesday, May 6
2014 All-Star Season Tournament Listing

The East County ASA tournament listing has been finalized! There is a ton of great softball to be played and we're excited to be able to compete against the surrounding leagues. For more information on a respecitve tournament, please click on the league name in the respective row. If you have any questions about any of this please contact Edgar Moscoso.

Tournament Name Hosting League Dates
Corky Russell Classic East County ASA May 16-18
Kyrstin Gemar Memorial Day Tournament Clairemont Girls Fastpitch May 23-26
(through Monday)
Scripps Ranch All-Star Tournament Scripps Ranch Softball Assn May 29-June 1
(starts Thurs for local teams)
Bring on the Heat Tournament Santee ASA June 6-8
Sea Country Classic Laguna Niguel Girls Softball June 13-15
Bash at the Bay Softball Tournament
(8u silver only)
Coronado Youth Softball June 13-15
South San Diego District Championship Various Locations June 20-22
Freedom Tournament Escondido Girls Softball League June 26-29
(starts Thurs for local teams)
So Cal State Championship (qualifiers only) Big 8 Softball Complex July 4-6
ASA National Championship (qualifiers only) Sacramento ASA (10 &12u)
City of Medford, OR (14u)
July 28-Aug 3

Saturday, May 3
2014 East County ASA All-Stars Team Rosters

The moment you've all been waiting for. Here are the complete rosters for the 2014 All-Star Season. Starting with 8u through 14u. Thank you all for your patience.

Manager: Bob Lewis Manager: Manny Sandoval
Avalos, S Brownlow,  S
Bates, J Chapa, N
Carmona, M Fierro,A
Estrada, N Gall, A
Flath, K Jahnig, I
Flesuras, A Lindall, S
Gonzalez, C Moscoso, I
Kameyama, M Parent, K
Kruger, J Roberts, T
Pruett, K Sandoval, K
Ramirez, K Smith, A

Manager: Matthew Fish Manager: Rick Ruffino
Bacarti, A Cyman, I
Benedict, A Diaz, B
Fish, Mc Fox, E
Fish, M Hester, B
Fleischer, A Manes, K
Flesuras, M McLeod, D
Fox, K Mulligan, H
Hazelhurst, M Ruffino, M
Herman, T Sandova, F
Kortlang, D Taylor, M
Mulligan, M Wood, H
O'Byrne, C  

12u GOLD
Manager: Rebecca Humphries
Brownlow, G
Cruz, A
Felix, Y
Green, S
Herndon, A
Humphries, J
Huse, S
Leal, D
Owens, T
Teague, M
Von Yokes, A

14u GOLD
Manager: Ed Owens
Battle, J
Butler, M
Carpenter, S
Fleischmann, L
Fox, R
Henderson, S
Hofmann, K
Lema, V
Olson, K
Owens, T
Sanchez, V
Schmehr, L
Schoen, J

Tuesday, April 15
All-Star Season is around the corner!

All-Stars season planning is in full swing. This is a very exciting time for East County. The league gets to showcase the talents we've been working so hard to build over the course of the regular season. Your coaches & team moms have received a packet of information regarding the next steps in this process.

The link below shows the handouts related to All-Stars. We need everyone to please begin by reading the "Parent Letter" then filling out the applicable forms. If your child will not participate in All-Stars, the only form needed to be turned in is the Player-Parent Contract. The All-Stars selection process will begin on May 1, 2014, but please be sure to turn in the forms by the date specified.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Player Agent: Sarah Bryant

Handout: **All-Stars Handouts:

Friday, May 2
All-Stars Team Selection Underway

Team selection and player notifications are currently underway. Complete team rosters will be posted as soon as they're made available. 

East County would like to thank all the players and especially the parents for their patience during this process. Regardless of how streamlined the process is, it is very stressful for the families trying out. 

If your daughter was not selected, we hope you encourage her to hold her head up high. Not everyone has the courage to even try out. We hope all parents/families are able to talk the young athletes through this and reassure them that with hard work anything is possible.