East Butler Youth Football Wolverines: Welcome

Welcome to another year of WOLVERINE football. We are all looking forward to another great year and some really exciting games.  Last years turn out was great but I hope to see a lot more new faces this year.  So lets get everyone we know involved both on the field and behind the scenes.


Mission Statement: East Butler Youth Football (EBYF) is a nonprofit, collaborative effort of Bluestem and Flinthills, Kansas parents. It was formed to advance positive values, learn fundamentals of football, and to have fun.

Vision: Children, third through sixth grade, in the Bluestem and Flinthills school districts have the opportunity to participate in youth football and that involvement creates a positive life experience.

Board Members 

President- Kris Semisch 322-5639  

Vice President-   Tessa Gleason 323-2460

Secretary - Heather Comer 706-2493

Treasurer - Beth Wittenberg 323-5683


Josh Travnichek  323-5109

Kerri Smith 323-3002

Jim Meyer 299-1744 

Chris Semisch 250-3932          


*Next Board meeting will be June 25, 2014,  at the Bluestem District Office

*Football Physicals are required before your child begins practice in August 2014.

Come watch us play!  Home Games are at Bluestem High School 475 N Bluestem Road Leon KS.  1/2 mile north of HWY 400 on Bluestem Rd. Visit our links page for other locations.