East Anaheim Little League: Welcome


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Fallball 2017



Stop by Boysen Park

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Wednesday/Thursday July 26 & 27 



Phone number to find out about fields conditions


Your child is eligible to play in EALL if he/she lives or goes  

to any of the public/Private schools within the leagues boundaries. 

Su hijo/a es elegible para jugar en EALL si el/ella vive o asiste a cuaquier escuela publica/Privada dentro de los limites de la liga. 

We Love Baseball!    

Wednesday, March 8
East Anaheim Home Run Heros

Dodgers, Michael Gonzalez, 7 HR (2 Grand Slam)

Angels, Jonathan Torres, 1 Inside the park HR 

Angels, Gianmarco Maldanado, 1 Inside the park HR

Red Sox, Andrew Gonzalez, 10 HR (1 Grand Slam)

Angels, Gilbert Garcia, 1 HR

Dodgers, Angel Robles, 5 HR

Dodgers, Carlos Duran, 2 HR (1 Grand Slam)

Dodgers, Daniel Viramontes, 2 HR

Junior Reds, Aaron Ruiz, 3 HR (1 Grand Slam)

Junior Reds, Joshua Rosales, 1 HR (1 Grand Slam)

Junior Reds, Jojo Perez, 2 HR

Junior Braves, Robert Nava, 1 HR

Dodgers, Daniel Ortiz, 1 HR

T-Ball Brewers
Closing Ceremonies 2017


"Thank you to all the families and volunteers who helped our children Spring 2017"



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