East Anaheim Little League: Welcome

City of Anaheim Mayor Tait perfect pitch
Mayor and Police Chief attended our events March 8, 2014

Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada
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Thank you to La Casa Garcia for the fundraiser the weekend of March 15th

Gracias a La Casa Garcia por el evento para levantar fondos durante el fin de semana de marzo 15

EALL Had a Festive Opening Ceremony March 8th

La Ceremonia de apertura de EALL fue Festiva marzo 8  


Your child is eligible to play in EALL if he/she lives or goes

to any of the public schools within the leagues boundaries.

Su hijo/a es elegible para jugar en EALL si el/ella vive o asiste

a cuaquier escuela publica dentro de los limites de la liga.

 Single "A" T-Ball 4-6 Yrs. Old $105.00

"AA" Division 7-8 Yrs. Old $120.00

"AAA" Division 9-10 Yrs. Old $120.00 

Majors Division 11-12 Yrs. Old   $130.00

Juniors Division 12-14 Yrs. Old  $130.00 

Senior Division 13-16 Yrs. Old  $105.00 


We Love Baseball!    

Our EALL Teams and Families

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