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 "The objective of the Local League shall be to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority; so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be decent, respectful, healthy and trustworthy citizens."


>> To achieve this objective; the Local League will provide a supervised program under the Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball, Inc. All Directors, Officers and Members shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill and/or the winning of games is secondary, and the molding of future citizens is of prime importance.

We are always in need of Volunteers.  Our Volunteers make EALL a great family friendly organization.  If you have time we always need help in the Snack Bar, Managers, Coaches, Team Parents and even Board Members.  Please let us know if you would like more information on Volunteer Opportunities. 

Spring Baseball - What to Expect

Spring Baseball is the big season for EALL. We have a season that begins for the players in February with practice and will end in mid-June. There is a lot that goes on during the season, and we want to give you some basic league information.

 Registration Registration for the Spring Season begins at the end of Fall Ball (Early November) and will continue to early January.

Tryouts Once the registration is over, the league will begin tryouts for boys in the Double A division and higher. The Double A and Triple A players will need to tryout just one time, while the Majors and higher will need two tryouts. We offer a few tryouts dates from which to select. Players that need to try out twice can come two different days or tryout twice in one day.Following tryouts, the draft and team placement are completed.

Draft. Double A, Triple A, Majors and above will be drafted by the Managers of each team. Single A and T-Ball players will be placed on a team.

Hat Night. Hat Night occurs at the end of January or beginning of February and is the event where the team assignments are announced, and all players receive their hats. On this night, you will meet the team's Manager**** and teammates. Following the official announcements and team pictures, you will have a short meeting with the Manager, where s(he) will provide his/her contact information, ask for volunteers to help with the season and will provide information regarding practice dates and times, uniforms, and equipment.

****Please be assured that we just don't let anyone around our kids. Every volunteer - Managers, coaches, team parents, snack bar workers, etc...- has a background check done. We require anyone that will be interacting with the kids to complete an application and then the league does a background check on them. As a league, we are very protective of all of our kids. It's a family atmosphere and we really want all of the kids to have a wonderful time playing baseball and we will do what we can to make it as safe and as much fun as possible.

Uniforms & Equipment The league provides a shirt and cap, while the parents will need to get baseball pants, a protective cup, cleats, and a matching colored belt and socks. Your coach will tell you the colors of your uniform and what color of belt and socks to buy.

The manager will also explain about the equipment needed by each player. The minimum equipment you will need is a glove that fits and is comfortable. The league will provide bats and helmets to be used by the team, but players may elect to purchase their own instead. Bats must comply with guidelines set for by the Little League organization. The current list of approved bats should be reviewed at before purchasing any bat.

Practice & Games Practice will begin in February. The days and times will be given to you by your coach. Those will be the set times/days/location of practice and may vary depending on special practices like using the batting cages. The games will run from early March to mid-June. Each game will go on as your schedule states with the exception of rain outs or weather delays.

Please sign up for our "rained out" program at the following link so that you will receive immediate notification by text and/or email when games & practices have been impacted by the weather:

Opening Ceremonies / Season Officially Begins. The season gets kicked off with Opening Day Ceremonies. This event includes the announcement of ALL the teams, special acknowledgements and/or speakers, announcement of All Star Players and presentation of the 12-year-old jackets (all players receive a jacket in their last year as a major player, which is age 12.) Following the ceremony, there is a silent auction, and the first games of the season are played throughout the remainder of the day.

Silent Auction On the day of Opening Ceremonies, we conduct one of our main fundraising activities of the year: the silent auction. Each team is responsible for assembling a basket for the silent auction. The team parent generally coordinates this effort and seeks donations from businesses around the community and/or from the players’ parents to obtain items for the basket. There is usually a wide variety of baskets, with everything from a basket full of gift cards, to complete orthodontist package, to bikes and more. Bidding is open throughout the morning of the Opening Ceremonies and typically closes around noon that day.

The Season Practices and games continue throughout the season. We follow the Escondido Unified School District calendar, with no regular games being scheduled during Spring Break. However, if games are rained out prior to Spring Break, then make-up games are typically played during that time of Spring Break. T-Ball and Single A games will continue to play regular games through the ned of the season around mid-June. Double A divisions and above will conclude their regular season near the end of May so that they may begin tournament play.

Closing Ceremonies Our closing ceremonies will be held in mid-June. All players will be announced and receive a trophy during these ceremonies. Additional acknowledgements will be made for tournament champions, All Star players, home run hitters, etc. The official ceremonies are followed by a time of fun for the players with inflatable jumpies, etc. to celebrate the end of the season.

Parent Participation. During the season, parents are expected to participate in a few things.

1. Fundraising. We sell Candy to help supplement the league and keep our fees low. We are so proud to offer one of the lowest fees in San Diego. It's all due to our parents and fundraising. Each box of candy will sell for $60 or you can opt out of selling for $30. The kids love selling the candy but if any candy bars go unsold they cannot be brought back. The parent must purchase them. If you sell out of one box, then you can get more boxes to sell. Prizes are awarded to the 3 players selling the most candy for the year.

2. Snack Bar - volunteering. A parent is required to work one shift in the snack bar for each player they have participating in the league. Shifts are scheduled with the help of our Snack Bar Coordinator, Kim Jackson and your Team Parent. The shifts typically are scheduled during a time that your child is playing. You may choose to buy out of this obligation for a charge of $40. All adults working in the snack bar will be required to complete a volunteer form and undergo a background check. Additionally, each family will complete a Snack Bar Agreement, indicating whether they are planning to work their snack bar shift(s) or buyout. In either case, a $40 payment for each player is submitted. If the parent is buying out, then the payment is immediately deposited. If they are electing to work a snack bar shift, then the payment is held until that shift is completed and then it is returned to the parent. If the parent fails to report for his/her shift, then the payment is deposited by the league.

3. After-Game Snacks- your Team Parent will schedule a family to be the "Snack Family" for each game. You may be as basic or elaborate as you wish with your treat, but, at a minimum, you are asked to bring a drink and a snack for each player. Your Team Parent will let you know if there are any allergies on the team. For your convenience, you may choose to purchase one of the snack options from the snack bar. The snack bar sells gift cards in increments of $1 and $2 that the players can use to purchase items of their choice from the snack bar. For $1 each, the snack bar also offers team snack bags that include a Capri-Sun/juice box, bag of chips, and a couple small candies. If you are buying a set of these for your team, please order them from the snack bar at the beginning of your game so that they have time to assemble them.

4. Optional: Coaching, Team Parent: To assist the Manager of the team, additional adults will be needed to help the team run smoothly. A coach, assistant coach, and team parent will be needed. The Managers will likely ask for parents to volunteer to fill these positions. Especially, in the lower divisions, additional volunteers are encouraged to step up and help the players during practices so that players can get as much one-on-one training as possible. All adults serving in these capacities will need to complete a volunteer form and undergo a background check.

5. Optional: Board Duty. We have a few slots open to anyone interested in participation on the EALL board. It takes many volunteers to make our league successful and if you would like to participate, please view the Board of Directors Page for opportunities.

6. Optional: Umpires. We always need adult umpires on the field to assist our younger umpires for Minor B division games. Each Minor B team and above is required to assist in some games. The volunteers just don't need to be the managers or coaches. Parents are encouraged to participate.

7. Optional: Scorekeeper. For the AA divisions and above, each game will need a scorekeeper. Each team will have games that they are responsible for scorekeeping the game. Our league uses the iScore electronic scoring program. We will have a clinic on scorekeeping early in the year and duties can be split between two parents. One can do pitch count and control the scoreboard, while the other manages the scorekeeping on the iScore program. Please speak with your Team Parent about scorekeeping opportunities.

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