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How We Coach

Our Goals for the Season

  1. Be a better basketball team/player at the end of the season than at the beginnng.
  2. Have Fun!


We tell our players that they must do 3 things to play:

  1. Play Defense
  2. Rebound
  3. Hustle - If they are doing 1 and 2, they are most likely already doing 3.

Playing Time (Games)

For each Game/Jamboree/Scrimmage we play, we plan out and prepare a substitiution rotation that gets all players involved.  That's not to say that depending on the situation be it strategic or for reasons outlined in the "Expectations" section we won't stray from that rotation. 

Play Hard!

The cheer that we often use when we break from a huddle "Play Hard!" sums up our philosophy pretty well.  We want to remember that this is "Play" and should be fun.

 Please see "How We Practice", "How We Play", and "Coach Rob's Rules" for additional information.