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How We Practice

Every season we strive to make our practices both fun and challenging for our players. 

  1. Number of practices/scrimmages.  Wherever possible, we take full advantage of the CSAA rules that allow up to 4 practices/games a week.  To that end, we take full advantage of Jamboree opportunities at such places as MidAmerica Sports, Hoops, and USBA.  It is not unheard of that we would play in as many Jamborees/Scrimmages than we have actual practices.
  2. Organization.  We come to practice every night with a detailed plan of that night's activity.  We want to make sure that we get the most out of every minute during our 1 1/2 hours together.  Because of this planning, we ask that parents let us know as much in advance as possible that their son will not be at practice. 
  3. Practice.  We try to make our practices as fast paced as possible and limit the amount of time spent standing around.  We don't run sprints for the purpose of conditioning, but rather we use drills that work on skills while improving conditioning at the same time. 

While we understand that there are times that players can't make practice, their attendance and effort affects how much they play in games.  It is our belief that "You Play How You Practice".