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How We Play

In order to get as many players involved and make the experience of grade school basketball as fun as possible, we stress an up tempo style of play.  In order to do so, we do the following:


  1. We strictly play Man to Man.  Although this can be a more difficult defense to teach, it often gives us a competitive advantage in CSAA games.   We also feel that it better prepares our players as they move to the next level of basketball. 
  2. We press until we can't press any more.  Pressing allows us to get as many players involved while hopefully fatiguing the other team.  Pressing also speeds up the game and hopefully provides a catalyst to our offense.


  1. Fast Break.  For the same reasons we press and play Man to Man Defense, we are constantly emphasizing getting the ball down the floor as quickly as possible. 
  2. First Shot Mentality.  We instruct our player, no matter who they are, to shoot the ball if they are open and within their range.  Our goal is to take at least 60 shots a game.
  3. Minimal Plays.  With the exception of Out of Bounds plays, we don't run a lot of set plays.  We teach basic offensive sets that emphasize floor spacing, cutting, ball reversal, and getting to open spots on the floor.