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Thursday, June 28
Welcome to the virtual home of the Lady Cougars Soccer Team !

OUR 2004 ACCOMPLISHMENTS (as Erin Mills Eagles u15):

West Niagara (Ontario Div.) Tournament Champions
Greece (Rochester, N.Y.) Cobras Tournament Finalists
SRSL u15 Premiere/First Div. Cup Champions
SRSL Premiere League Runners-up
35th in TERRA Power Rankings (SRSL-P W 11 L 5 T 2 GF 50 GA 28)

OUR 2005 ACCOMPLISHMENTS (as Erin Mills Eagles u16):

YISL (Indoor) League Champions at OSA Centre
YISL (Indoor) League Cup Finalists **
Playing in SRSL Elite Division
West Niagara Tournament Semi-finalists
NOSO Cup (Cleveland, Ohio) Finalists
SRSL (Elite Division) Cup Finalists
19th in TERRA Power Rankings (SRSL-E W 9 L 7 T 1 GF 32 GA 29)

OUR 2006 ACCOMPLISHMENTS (as Erin Mills Eagles u17)

SRSL (Elite Division) Cup Champions
25th in TERRA Power Rankings (SRSL-E W 7 L 11 T 0 GF 30 GA 32)

OUR 2007 ACCOMPLISHMENTS (as Dixie Lady Cougars)

Hangar Indoor - Women's Open - Fall Season - 3rd in League, Play-off Semi-finalists
Ontario Women's Soccer League - u21 MJ South League Runners-Up, promoted to u21 Regional for 2008
Gloucester Invitational Soccer Tournament - Finalists (Open Women)

OUR 2008 ACCOMPLISHMENTS (as Dixie Lady Cougars)

Hangar Indoor - Women's Open - Winter Season - 3rd in League, Play-off finalists.
Gloucester Invitational Soccer Tournament - Finalists (Open Women)

OUR 2009 ACCOMPLISHMENTS (as Dixie Lady Cougars)

BMO Women's Open (Competitive) Indoor League Champions & Play-off Finalists
Hangar Indoor - Women's Elite (Competitive) - Play-off Finalists
2009 Ontario Women's Soccer League Regional u21 Cup Finalists & League Runner's-up, promoted to u21 Provincial for 2010
Gloucester Invitational Soccer Tournament - Semi-Finalists (Open Women)

OUR 2010 ACCOMPLISHMENTS (as Dixie Lady Cougars)

Wild Water Kingdom 9 v 9 Open Women's Competitive Play-off Champions
Ontario Women's Soccer League u21 Provincial (South) Division
Gloucester Invitational Soccer Tournament - Semi-Finalists (Open Women)

OUR 2011 ACCOMPLISHMENTS (as Dixie Lady Cougars)

2011 Ontario Women's Soccer League Central Region (Central) 3rd place.

OUR 2012 ACCOMPLISHMENTS (as Toronto Rangers SC Lady Cougars)


Thursday, August 2
Ontario Women's Soccer League - 2012 Outdoor Season

Central Region (Central)

Next Game 

Game #: 364: Central Region (Central)
Date & Time:
Friday, August 10, 2012 @ 21:00
Sheppard's Bush Turf
Aurora Stingers

-vs- Away:
Toronto Rangers


Standings: Up-dated to August 2, 2012

Central Region (Central)

  Team GP W T L GF GA +/- Pts
1 Vaughan Azzurri 13 11 2 0 40 3 37 35
2 Sudbury Panhellenic 13 10 0 3 35 9 26 30
3 Toronto Rangers 17 9 2 6 28 25 3 29
4 Aurora Stingers 15 9 2 4 33 14 19 29
5 Glen Shields Sun Devils 15 9 2 4 47 21 26 29
6 Bracebridge Storm 14 9 0 5 31 16 15 27
7 Richmond Hill Raiders 13 8 0 5 38 28 10 24
8 Thornhill Thunder 14 4 0 10 20 60 -40 12
9 TC TNT 18 0 0 18  6 48 -42 6
10 Barrie Spirit 2 18 0 0 18 0 54 -54 0


Saturday, April 16
Ontario Women's Soccer League (Indoor) - 2010-11


The Cougars played in the quarterfinals of the OWSL (Indoor) Competitive Season on Sunday, April 10, 2011, against Toronto Rangers.

The exciting back-and-forth contest between two evenly matched teams could not be settled in regulation, being tied 2-2, so the outcome was resolved by way of shoot-out. The Rangers advanced 3-2, and will play League Champion Windsor in the semis.  

Congratulations to the team for an excellent indoor season !

Open Women's Tier 1 Competitive (Final)

  Team GP W T L GF GA +/- Pts
1 Windsor Caboto 19 15 2 2 84 22 62 47
2 GS United   19 12 2 5 55 38 17 38
3 Richmond Hill Raiders 19 11 1 7 50 40 10 34
4 Toronto Rangers 19 9 5 5 44 32 12 32
5 Dixie Lady Cougars 19 9 3 7 48 36 12 30
6 North York Cougars 19 7 4 8 36 25 11 25
7 Unionville Strikers 19 4 1 14 36 61 -25 13
8 AC Milton 19 0 0 19 9 108 -99 0

Cumulative Record

Game                                            GF                         GA

vs TO Rangers (Ex)                        7                            3

vs North York Panthers  (Ex)          2                            1

vs North Cougars (Ex)                    1                            2

vs GS United (Ex)                          1                            4

vs Richmond Hill (Ex)                     6                            1

vs Unionville                                  2                            1

vs Windsor                                    1                             1

vs TO Rangers                               2                            2

vs Richmond Hill                             1                            5

vs GS United                                  7                           3

vs GS United                                  1                           4

vs Windsor                                    2                           5

vs North York                               3                            1

vs UMSC                                      2                             1

vs North York                               1                             0

vs TO Rangers                              0                             1 

vs AC Milton                                4                             0

vs GS United                                0                             3

vs AC Milton                                 6                             2

vs North York                               2                             2

vs Richmond Hill                            0                             3

vs UMSC                                       5                             0

vs AC Milton                                  6                             0

vs Toronto Rangers                         4                             1

vs Toronto Rangers                         2                             3 (Shoot-out)

WWK Dome
Sunday, April 25
WWK 9 v 9 Women's Indoor Competitive League

In the play-off championship final, on Sunday, April 25, 2010, the Cougars played League Champions, Vaughan United. The Cougars got up 1-0 early, only to see Vaughan come back and tie it. Late in the second half, the Cougars again took the lead, but Vaughan answered with about a minute to go. The Cougars were perfect on their penalty kicks, while Vaughan managed only one, to secure the victory for the Cougars.

Congratulations to Play-off Champions, Dixie Cougars !


WWK Open Women's 9 v 9 Indoor Competitive Standings

Team                    GP   W   T   L   GF   GA   +/-   Pts 
Vaughan United        14    9   1    4   20   12     8     28

Toronto Rangers       14    7    3   4   11   10     1     24 

Dixie Lady Cougars    14    3   7    4   11   11     0     16

 Richmond Hill          14    1   5    8    4   15    -11     8



Monday, July 20
2009 OWSL League Cup

Congratulations to the Cougars, 2009 OWSL League Cup Finalists after defeating the Oakville Wild at the West Lincoln Leisureplex in Grimsby in the semi-final, and then losing 1-0 to North Mississauga in the Final on Saturday, July 18, 2009. 

The Cougars hung tough throughout the entire day notwithstanding that the team was without five (5) players due to injuries and other commitments. The ladies showed their true grit while proudly representing the Dixie Soccer Club in very difficult circumstances. 


girl juggling
Monday, May 23
Motivation by Soccer

Every now and then I search the libraries and the net for that elusive answer to, “what makes a great soccer player and how do i become one”? Many claim to know the answer and some even try to sell you their idea. From my own experiences and that of others, a great player or a superstar is the product of a number of things. To claim there is one answer or one training method would just magnify the level of ignorance you have for the simple game that is made complex from all the myths and lies surrounding it.

Motivation is only present when there is a clear vision, a goal. Have you established your goals yet? Think about it, motivation is one of the most important keys to success. Compare a player who lacks motivation and who hardly trains, to a player who is highly motivated and who devotes many hours to training. Without a shadow of a doubt these 2 players will get different results.

The rest of this post will be dedicated to the methods and techniques used to gain motivation. Before I start, these are only suggestions, what might work for me might not work for you. But the concepts and principles are the same for all of us. Lets start…….

•Lets begin with the most important, SET A GOAL! It doesn’t have to be one goal it could be many, but set goals. Set yourself a target and strive for it. Pull up your sleeves and get the elbow grease out and don’t stop.
•Once you set goals, make sure you finish your goals. You must come to grips that finishing what you started is very important. You must develop a drive, a hunger that will allow you to reach the finish line. Make a commitment to yourself that once you begin, you have to finish full stop, no excuses.
•Motivation and positive attitudes are contagious. Associate with motivated players that share your dream and passion.
•Read and study the game. This will keep your enthusiasm and ambition alive.
•Look at photos from the newspapers and magazines and imagine the articles are about you.
•Constantly tell yourself through positive affirmations that you will succeed and reach your full potential as a player or coach.
•Never procrastinate. Procrastination leads to laziness which then leads to a lack of motivation. Grit your teeth and get on with it.
•Persistence, patience and a “no-surrender” attitude will only strengthen your motivation. Don’t give up, throw some more fuel into the fire.
•When pursuing your goals and dreams, remember to do it with happiness and joy.

After all the journey of life doesn’t stop because of your goals, enjoy it.

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Monday, May 23
Words of Wisdom From Soccer Gurus

Negative and Positive Space

Between the ball-handler and the goal behind him lies an area that is usually less well-defended than the area under direct attack.

This "negative space" is useful in maintaining possession, relieving pressure, switching the point of attack, and creating shots. The reason is simple. As the ball is played forward, the opposing defenders tend to focus more on the ball than on the negative spaces on the field.

Bob Gansler, a former national coach, once had his team intentionally play a ball forward into a crowded area, to draw the opposing defenders to the ball and thus open space and reduce the pressure in other areas. The passer, instead of following his pass, stepped away from the "target" receiver who, after drawing the pressure, returned the ball negatively (backward) to the original passer. Since the latter now had a less obstructed view of the spaces under attack, he could change the point of attack to a more weakly defended area. The Dutch call the receiver of a back pass the "window" player. The idea is simple: Play the ball back before playing it forward.

Good teams use negative space with purpose. A window player receiving a pass back at the top of the penalty box will drive the ball at goal with a first touch shot or use the space created around the ball (really the extra time) to produce the killer through ball.

In the attacking or high middle third of the field, the target receiver, usually a striker, will be closely followed by a marking defender. The target receiver will often be able to draw the sweeper out of position and flatten the back of the defense, creating opportunities for the dangerous through ball.

Good teams intentionally use negative space to their advantage: watch Brazil or Ajax.

Friday, August 12
Cougar Contemplations

When I hear somebody sigh, "Life is hard," I am always tempted to ask, "Compared to what? Sydney J Harris

Contemplation often makes life miserable. We should act more, think less, and stop watching ourselves live. Chamfort

Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. Anthony Robbins

Tuesday, April 25
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Sunday, April 15
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