Oklahoma Eagles: Welcome

Thursday, July 7
The Oklahoma Eagles


Welcome to the Eagles fastpitch softball website! We are a second year 14 and under competitive softball team with girls from the Tulsa Metro area and other surrounding areas. Eagles are led by an incredible coaching staff consisting of Jenni Langford and Tauni Kennemer.
Our coaches were awesome players in college! Jenni was a division 2 utillity player, and Tauni was D1 pitcher and outfielder. We are very proud of our coaches and what they have accomplished! We appreciate that the are willing to volunteer their time when they have no relations to anyone on the team. They just love the game and the girls too. 
We hope to do really well in our second year of 14 and under! We hope our girls will continue to really come together and play some Eagle ball. We are going to come out with a great winning record! We are ready to let everyone know that the Eagles have landed and we are here to stay! 

We The Eagles are also managed by Tina Turner.
Please contact her for aditional information!

We only have one birthday in January. Happy Birthday Ashlynne!
Also, be sure to check out the pictures. DONT FORGET ABOUT THE GUESTBOOK!! Be sure to sign that!

Hard core players love to dive. The Eagles are definitely HARD CORE PLAYERS!