Butler Eagle County Baseball League: League Stats

Thursday, September 24
2010 League Stats

Beginning with the 2010 season the league will be posting league leaders in several catagories.

All teams will be required to report their games to the league every Saturday.

1- Top Ten Batters in the League -

Players must have a minimum of twenty at bats

Batting Average, Extra Base Hits, Home Runs,  Stolen Bases and Runs Scored will be the catagories.

2- Top Five Pitchers in  the League -

Minimum of three appearences

ERA, Strikeouts, # of Batters Faced, Walks, Wins, Losses, and Saves will be the catagories

League MVP - Batter

League MVP - Pitcher

Overall League MVP as voted on by the managers, league officers, and commisioners. The winners will be announced at the league playoff meeting for 2010.

We plan to use the team Stats Leader for leagues leaders.