Dyer Little League: The Vern Baker Award

 The Vern Baker Award


During his long association as a Manager with Dyer Little League, Vern Baker looked for or worked to develop certain traits in his players.  Some of the more important of those traits were attitude, leadership, ability, determination and competitive desire.  In memory of Vern Baker and his many contributions to Dyer Little League, and to help instill Vern’s Little League ideals in future generations of Dyer Little League players, this award has been established to recognize the 12 year-old that through the course of the past season has demonstrated the highest standards in attitude, leadership, ability, determination and competitive desire.  The recipient of this award stands out as a great ambassador for Dyer Little League for contributions both on and off the playing field.  


Award Candidates:         

All current season players - league age 12  



Award Criteria:   

Positive attitude both on and off the field


Proven leader that understands and values the team concept


Solid ability with strong work ethic


Great determination and fighting spirit


Competitive desire without compromising sportsmanship




Each major manager submits one nomination




The winner of the Vern Baker Award will be announced at the league’s annual picnic. 



  Vern Baker Award Winners


2002 - Jordan Obarski

2003 - Eric Hanck

2004 - Kevin Heinrich

2005 - Adam Bastie

2006 - Ben Buoscio

2007 - Adam VanMilligan

2008 - Zac Vesci

2009 - Geoff Pucci

2010 - Joseph Strus

2011 - Nic Rossi

2012 - Owen Piatt 

2013 - Cade Smith

2014 -