Dyer Little League: 2012 9 & 10 State Tournament

Congratulations to the New Albany Little League on their 2012 9 & 10 Year Old Indiana State Championship!


Dyer Little League is the proud host of the 2012 9 & 10 Year Old Indiana State Little League Tournament! 

  • Tournament Dates:  July 28th - August 2nd
  • Opening Ceremonies:  July 27th @ 6:00 pm (cst)
  • Tournament Director:  Ron Rossi (ronald.rossi@yahoo.com) or 219-741-6139


District 1 (Gary Area):  Valparaiso Nationals Little League 

District 2 (Northwest Indiana):  Highland Little League 

District 3 (Lafayette Area / Rural Northwest Indiana):  Lebanon Little League 

District 4 (Terre Haute Area):  Terre Haute North Little League 

District 5 (Kentuckiana - Louisville Suburbs):  New Albany Little League 

District 6 (Central Indiana East of Indianapolis):  Riverfield Little League 

District 7 (Southern Portion of Indianapolis Area):  Southport Little League 

District 8 (Northern Portion of Indianapolis Area):  Zionsville Little League 

District 9 (East Central Indiana):  Wabash Little League 

District 10 (Fort Wayne Area):  Don Ayres Time Corners Little League 

District 11 (South Bend Area):  Southeast Little League 

District 12 (South Central Indiana):  Bartholomew County Little League 

District 13 (Southwest Indiana):  Evansville Golfmoor Little League 

District 14 (North Central Indiana excluding South Bend):  Cleveland Little League 


Fourteen District Champions will be divided into four pools.  Two pools will have four teams and two pools will have three teams.  Pools with three teams will play "cross-over" games so each team plays three pool play games.  Pool play games will take place on Saturday July 28th, Sunday July 29th and Monday July 30th.  The top two teams from each pool will advance to the Quarter Finals.  At that point, the tournament becomes single elimination.

Quarter Finals will be played Tuesday July 31st.  Semi-Finals will be played Wednesday August 1st.  State Championship game will be played Thursday August 2nd.

Two seperate fields will be used to accomodate all tournament games.


1.  If two teams are tied with the best won-lost record, the winner of the pool game between the two tied teams will be the tie-breaker and that team will advance to the next segment.  If the teams did not play each other, see rule 2 below.

2.  If two teams are tied with the best won-lost record, and they did not play each other, then the "Runs-Allowed Ratio" will be computed to break the tie.  The team with the lowest "Runs-Allowed Ratio" per half-inning of defense played will advance.

3.  If three teams or more are tied with the same won-lost record, and one team has defeated the other tied teams, then that team will advance to the next segment.  If one of the remaining tied teams is to advance, use Rule 1 above.

4.  If three or more teams are tied with the same won-lost record, and one team has not defeated the other tied teams, then the "Runs-Allowed Ratio" will be computed to break the tie.  The team with the lowest "Runs-Allowed Ration" per half-inning of defense played will advance.  If one of the remaining tied teams is to advance, use Rule 1 above.

See www.littleleague.org for complete rules.


A coin toss will be held prior to every tournament game to determine HOME team.  Once decided, the visiting team will occupy the first base side dugout and the home team will occupy the third base side dugout. 


                       POOL A:   District 1     District 3     District 10     District11

POOL B:   District 5     District 13     District 14

POOL C:   District 2     District 4     District 8

POOL D:   District 6     District 7     District 9     District 12 


Game A1  Pool A - Lebanon 1 vs. Valparaiso Nationals 7  Saturday, July 28th  10:00 am  Field #1 
Game B1   Pool B - Cleveland 1 vs. Evansville Golfmoor 11  Saturday, July 28th 10:30 am  Field #2 
Game C1 Pool C - Highland 10 vs. Terre Haute North 4  Saturday, July 28th  12:30 pm  Field #1 
Game D1  Pool D - Wabash 4 vs. Bartholomew County 6  Saturday, July 28th 1:00 pm  Field #2
Game A2 Pool A - Don Ayres Time Corners 15 vs. Southeast 1  Saturday, July 28th 3:00 pm  Field #1
Game B2 & C2 Pool B & C - New Albany 5 vs. Zionsville 4  Saturday, July 28th 3:30 pm  Field #2
Game D2  Pool D - Southport 3 vs. Riverfield 8  Saturday, July 28th  5:30 pm  Field #1
Game B3  Pool B - Evansville Golfmoor 4 vs. New Albany 3  Sunday, July 29th  10:00 am  Field #1
Game A3  Pool A - Don Ayres Time Corners 9 vs. Lebanon 3 Sunday, July 29th  10:30 am  Field #2
Game D3 Pool D - Riverfield 5 vs. Wabash 11  Sunday, July 29th  12:30 pm     Field #1
Game C3  Pool C - Terre Haute North 4 vs. Zionsville 11 Sunday, July 29th  1:00 pm  Field #2
Game B4 & C4   Pool B & C - Cleveland 5 vs. Highland 11 Sunday, July 29th  3:00 pm Field #1
Game D4 Pool D - Bartholomew County 9 vs. Southport 1  Sunday, July 29th  3:30 pm  Field #2
Game A4  Pool A - Southeast 2 vs. Valparaiso Nationals 7  Sunday, July 29th  5:30 pm  Field #1
Game A5  Pool A - Lebanon 7 vs. Southeast 3 Monday, July 30th  12:30 pm  Field #1
Game D5  Pool D - Wabash 4 vs. Southport 2 Monday, July 30th  2:30 pm Field #2
Game B5 Pool B - Cleveland 1 vs. New Albany 15  Monday, July 30th  3:00 pm  Field #1
Game A6  Pool A - Valparaiso Nationals 9 vs. Don Ayres Time Corners 8     Monday, July 30th 5:00 pm  Field #2
Game D6  Pool D - Bartholomew County 10 vs. Riverfield 0  Monday, July 30th  5:30 pm  Field #1
Game B6 & C6 Pool B & C - Evansville Golfmoor 11 vs. Terre Haute North 2  Monday, July 30th  7:30 pm  Field #2
Game C5  Pool C - Highland 11 vs. Zionsville 8  Monday, July 30th  8:00 pm Field #1
Quarter Final Zionsville 2 vs. Valparaiso 10  Tuesday, July 31st 5:00 pm  Field #2
Quarter Final  Bartholomew County 2 vs. New Albany 9 Tuesday, July 31st 5:30 pm  Field #1
Quarter Final Don Ayres Time Corners 0 vs Evansville Golfmoor 5 Tuesday, July 31st  7:30 pm  Field #2
Quarter Final  Wabash 5 vs. Highland 3 Tuesday, July 31st  8:00 pm  Field #1 
Semi Final  Valparaiso 0 vs. New Albany 11  Wednesday, August 1st       5:30 pm  Field #1 
Semi Final Evansville Golfmoor 12 vs. Wabash 1 Wednesday, August 1st  8:00 pm  Field #1 
State Championship  New Albany  11 vs. Evansville Golfmoor 2 Thursday, August 2nd  7:00 pm  Field #1 


The Dyer Little League Complex is located in Dyer, Indiana.  Dyer Indiana is in the norhtwest corner of the state of Indiana.  The tournament will be played on two fields within the complex.  See the "Location & Directions" tab for detailed directions to the complex.  Dyer is in the Central Standard Time Zone. 


The 9 & 10 Year Old Indiana State Tournament Finals will kick off with Opening Ceremonies Friday, July 27th.  All qualifying teams are invited and encouraged to come out and enjoy the evening on the eve of the state tournament.  Tournament officials, Town Council Members, The Dyer Chamber of Commerce and members of the Dyer Little League Board of Directors will be on site to welcome all. 

Food Vendors will be open and serving food and cold beverages all evening and tournament merchandise will be available for sale. 

There will be team introductions followed by a short exhibition game between the Dyer Challenger Team vs. The Dyer All Stars, there will be a DJ, a jumpy tent and a 50/50 bean bag tournament open to all ($10 entry fee per two person team, 50% of the proceeds will go to Dyer Little League, 50% will be paid to the top three teams).  Weather permitting, we will conclude the evening with a short fireworks show!!!

If at all possible, please make your travel plans to be in town for this fun event.  Opening Ceremonies will begin at 6:00 pm and conclude around 9:00 pm.


There will be a short pre-tournament manager & coaches meeting at the Dyer Little League Complex at 9:00 am (cst) on Saturday, July 28th


The NSA Girls Fast Pitch World Series will be held from July 22nd thru July 28th in Northwest Indiana.  Because of this, most hotel rooms in Northwest Indiana have a temporary hold on them.  As soon as these rooms become available, a large block of rooms will be reserved for families visiting for the 9 & 10 Year Old Little League State Tournament. 

The South Shore Convention & Visitors Bureau has organized special discounted rooms for families visiting for the tournament.  Please contact them directly at 1-866-481-5253 or 1-219-989-7770 or via email at housing@southshorecva.com.   

You can also visit them online at www.southshorecva.com.


The town of Dyer offers many different dining options from pizza to steak, from fast food to fine dining.

Dyer Little League would like to spotlight some of the businesses that have been long time supporters of the Dyer Little League:

Aurellios Pizza - 1412 Lincoln Highway (US 30), Schererville

Beggar's Pizza - 3344 Hart Street (Sheffield Ave), Dyer

Doreen's Pizza - 726 Joliet Street (US 30), Dyer

Dyer Dairy Queen - 1084 Joliet Street (US 30), Dyer

Ruben's Mexican Grill - 3364 Hart Street (Sheffield Avenue), Dyer

White Rhino Bar & Grill - 101 East Joliet Street (US 30), Dyer 


The state tournament merchandise tent will be open from Friday, July 27th all the way through the tournament until the championship game on Thursday, August 2nd.  Stop by the merchandise tent to pick up your tournament t-shirts, hoodies, commemerative miniature bats, tournament pins, stickers, seat cushions and more!!!


Local food vendors will be on site offering pizza, mexican food, hot dogs, hamburgers and many other items for players, fans and family to enjoy during the entire tournament.  The Dyer Little League concession stand will also be providing ice cold water, pop and gatorade as well as candy, popcorn and snacks for your convenience. 


Every game of the 2012 9 & 10 Year Old Indiana State Finals will be braodcast "live" over the world wide web.  Parents unable to attend, friends and family from out of town, out of state or out of this country will be able to view games live as they happen.  In addition to viewing the game live from anywhere in the world, DVD's of every game packed with player interviews and tournament fun will be available for sale to help capture these special memories!

For information on how to subscribe or for information about available advertising spots during each of these live broadcasts go to www.yspntv.com or contact Wally Targos at wallytargos@gmail.com or at 219-613-9641.


Action photography of the entire tournament will be captured by Legends Photography (www.legendsilliana.com).  Ordering information will be available in each teams welcome package as well as on site during the entire tournament.


There are four batting cages (coach pitch) at the Dyer Little League Complex that will be available to all teams participating in the state tournament.  All four cages will be reserved 90 minutes before game time for each team prior to their scheduled games.  Additional cage times can be reserved by contacting Ron Rossi at ronald.rossi@yahoo.com or at 219-741-6139.

Each manager has also been sent a map of The Town of Dyer.  The Town of Dyer has granted use of two community parks.  Northgate Park and Pheasant Hills Park.

We have secured use of three baseball fields at Northgate Park should you want to practice.  Practice slots will reserve the field for 2 hours.  Practice slots will be at 8:00 and 10:00 am, and 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00 pm Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Pheasant Hills Park, which is less than a mile from the Dyer Little League complex will be available on a first come availability basis.  There are no baseball fields at Pheasant Hills, but plenty of green grass and two picnic pavillions.  

To reserve a field for practice at Northgate Park, contact Ron Rossi @ ronald.rossi@yahoo.com or at 219-741-6139.


Dyer is strategically located and easily accessible to all of your shopping needs.  There is a Jewel Food Store conveniently located less than 1 mile from the baseball complex.  About 3 miles straight east of the baseball complex is the interstection of US Route 30 and US Route 41 ("The Crossroads of America").  There you will find a Walmart in addition to many other stores and restaurants.

Did your All-Star forget something or need some new equipment?  Head straight north on US Route 41 (Indianapolis Boulevard) from the intersection of US 30 & US 41 and you will find a Dicks Sporting Goods about 3 miles away.

If you are staying in the Merrillville area where I-65 crosses US Route 30, the Westfield Southlake Shopping Mall is just south east of I-65 & US 30.  


PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL:  The Gary Southshore Railcats (www.railcatsbaseball.com), an independent league baseball team, play their home games approximately 20 minutes from the Dyer Little League Complex (about 10 minutes from most of the area hotels that will house many of the visiting teams).

The Railcats are in town and play the Fargo-Moorehead Redhawks on Saturday, July 29th at 6:10 pm, then again on Sunday, July 30th at 2:10 pm.

Dyer Little League has arranged a special ticket package for any of the 2012 9 & 10 Year Old State Tournament Teams.  $10 per person for 1 reserved ticket, a voucher for a hot dog, chips, soda & a cookie and a special team / group welcome.

For more information or to order tickets by phone contact Natalie Kirby at 219-882-2255 or nkirby@railcatsbaseball.com.

MAJOR LEAUGUE BASEBALL - CHICAGO CUBS:  Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs (www.chicagocubs.com) is approximately 37 miles north of the Dyer Little League Baseball Complex.  Wrigley Field is located at 1060 W. Addison, Chicago IL. 60613.  The Cubs are in town the week of the 9 & 10 Year Old Indiana State Little League Tournament.                 

  • Friday, July 27th vs. St. Louis Cardinals @ 1:20 pm

  • Saturday, July 28th vs. St. Louis Cardinals @ 12:05 pm

  • Sunday, July 29th vs. St. Louis Cardinals @ 1:20 pm

  • Monday, July 30th vs. Pittsburgh Pirates @ 7:05 pm

  • Tuesday, July 31st vs. Pittsburgh Pirates @ 7:05 pm

  • Wednesday, August 1st vs. Pittsburgh Pirates @ 1:20 pm

MAJOR LEAUGUE BASEBALL - CHICAGO WHITE SOX:  US Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox (www.chicagowhitesox.com) is approximately 27 miles north of the Dyer Little League Baseball Complex.  US Cellular Field is located at 333 W. 35th Street, Chicago IL. 60616.  The White Sox are on the road the week of the 9 & 10 Year Old Indiana State Little League Tournament.

FAMILY FUN CENTER:  Zig-E's Funland (www.zigesfunland.com) is about 10 minutes southeast of the Dyer Little League Baseball Complex located at 8176 Indianapolis Boulevard (Wicker or Route 41) in St. John Indiana.  Zig-E's has a Bungee Trampoline, Go-Karts, an 18 Hole Miniture Golf Course, Softball and Baseball Batting Cages, a Two-Building Redemption Arcade and a Snack Shop.

Zig-E's is open daily from 9:00 am until 10:00 pm Sunday thru Thursday and 9:00 am until 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.


Thank you to our Tournament Sponsors for all of their generous support!

The Town of Dyer

The Town of Dyer Economic Development Committee

The Town of Dyer Chamber of Commerce

Hoosier Bat Company

South Shore Convention & Visitor Authority

St. John Sports

Krazy Kaplans Fireworks

Beggars Pizza

Leroy's Catering


Legends Photography

Speedway Gas

Gus Bock Dyer Ace Hardware