Denbigh Youth Baseball League: DYBL News: DYBL Bronco Division field at DECC gets new dugout roofs

Tuesday, September 22
DYBL Bronco Division field at DECC gets new dugout roofs

Players in the 2010 DYBL Bronco Division will get to experience their games with newly re-built dugouts thanks to the Denbigh Warwick Business Association and DYBL volunteers. Home and Visitor dugouts were beginning to show their age as 20 years of weather and use had taken their toll leaving the dugouts in a state of disrepair. The DWBA selected these dugouts as part of their beautification efforts for the 2009 Denbigh Days, held at the former Denbigh Early Childhood Center.  The reconstruction effort was led by Rodney Morgan and with the volunteer efforts of Moose Spencer, Chuck Williams, Kevin Kovac, and Brock Banks the old roofs were replaced with new rafters, plywood and metal roofing.

Upkeep and maintenance of the ball fields requires money and volunteers giving of their time and labor.  The DYBL Executive Board is thankful and appreciates the improvements that have been made and urges everyone to help ensure a safe playing environment by doing your part to help with future projects and keeping the grounds maintained throughout the season. 

Special thanks to the volunteers, DWBA, and the Newport News Parks & Recreation.