Denbigh Youth Baseball League: League Info

Wednesday, January 20
We are happy to have your child(ren) participate in the Denbigh Youth Baseball League's (DYBL) 2012 season. This is our 45th season, and we sincerely hope that it will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

League Information Contents [click on a catagory or scroll down for the text.]
  1. League Objective
  2. League Operations
  3. Membership Meetings
  4. Parental Support
  5. Proof Of Residency
  6. Birth Certificates
  7. Player's Age
  8. Player Distribution
  9. Practice
  10. Game Schedules
  11. All-Star Competition
  12. Muscular Dystrophy Tournament
  13. Uniforms and Equipment
  14. Insurance
  15. League Expenses
  16. Parking at field
  17. Opening Day
  18. Assistance
  19. Missing Games
  20. League Structure
Baseball Divisions
  1. Tee Ball Division
  2. Jr. Rookie Division
  3. Rookie Division
  4. Minor Division
  5. Major Division
  6. High School Prep
Girl's Softball Divisions
  1. 8U Softball Division
  2. 10U/12U Softball Division
  3. 14U/16U Softball Division

League Objective-
The League seeks to implant in the youth of the Denbigh Community good sportsmanship and commitment, so they may have the means to successfully meet the everyday challenges that face today’s youth. We want our children to become strong, productive members of our community and the League’s primary goal is to provide a recreational outlet that will help to mold the future adults of our nation. DYBL provides supervised training programs, practices, and competitive games to accomplish this objective. We want the DYBL experience to be fun and rewarding for all and would like everyone to improve their skills and learn the benefits of teamwork. Baseball and Softball are competitive sports and while we strive for players to do their best, we must all remember that producing all-stars and winning games is not the ultimate goal.
League Operations-
DYBL operates in cooperation with the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Newport News. The City provides the fields where our teams practice and play, but the League is funded and operates solely through the efforts of volunteers. The managers and coaches, who spend many hours teaching and guiding players and the DYBL Executive Board, which plans, organizes, and administers the operation of the program in accordance with the League Constitution and By-laws, are all volunteers. DYBL is a "participation" league. This means that every child, regardless of his/her skill, must play in at least 30% of the innings played by the team in a week, unless absent or held out by the team manager because of disciplinary problems. This rule applies in all divisions, except the Shetland and Pinto divisions, where each player must play in at least 50% of the innings played by the team in a week. The League has a 24-hour hotline (926-1476) to further enhance the dissemination of information as well as a Facebook page (search for Denbigh Youth Baseball League). In addition, the League operates a web site at, which provides additional information and will contain game schedules for each division.
Membership Meetings-
The participation of your child(ren) in the League automatically makes you a member of the League. We will hold three general membership meetings during the season to conduct League business. Please note the dates from the calendar and make every effort to attend these meetings. Your participation is very important! See the Key Events Calendar on the HOME page of this site for other important dates. Dates and locations subject to change.
Parental Support-
We hope that you will come out and watch as many games as possible. It has been proven that parental support of the team is a positive influence on both the individual players and the team as a whole. Cheering for your child and his/her teammates, as well as the opposing team’s players, is encouraged. Let’s congratulate our children for their successes without disparaging their opponents. DYBL expects family members and their guests to display maturity and respect for the actions of all players, coaches, and umpires. Good sportsmanship is a primary objective of the program and adults must set the example for the young people.
Proof of Residency-Proof of residency must be presented for each player at registration. Acceptable documents are: Drivers License, utility bill, pay stub, or voters registration card.
Birth Certificates-
Proof of age must be presented for each player at registration. The birth certificate is the usual document of proof. Passports and military identification cards are also acceptable. Note that proof of age will be required for all players, including those who are returning from last season. This is necessary to help purify our computer records.
Player's Age-
We assign players to divisions based on their "league age." The date for determining this age for baseball is May 1, of the current year. The date for determining this age for softball is January 1, of the current year. For example, if a baseball player's 12th birthday falls on or before April 30, 2012, he/she is a 12 year-old for this season. If the player's birthday is on or after May 1, 2012, he/she is an 11 year-old player for this season. Four-year old players must be 4 years old as of September 30 of the previous year.  *NOTE: For fall ball players will be playing in the divisions they will be playing in for the coming spring season.  Therefore their age determination is based on the year of the upcoming spring season. 
Player Distribution-
Players are assigned to teams based on a distribution plan approved by the League. An evaluation of players is used in the Minor, Major, High School Prep, 10U/12U Girls Softball and 14U/16U Girls Softball Divisions and players in these divisions must participate in an evaluation session prior to the draft. This procedure has proven to improve the competitive balance among the teams in the division; the actual distribution is accomplished using computer software. All players registered on any of the regular registration days, and attending evaluations, will be placed on a team. Players registered after these days, or absent for evaluations, will be placed on the waiting list.
The number and location of practices by each team is generally at the discretion of the team manager. During the practice season, the League schedules practices for each team, but the manager may schedule additional ones if a field is available. During the regular season, the manager may decide to practice if he can obtain a field.
Game Schedules-
The number of games played by each team depends on the number of teams in that division and the number of playing days available. Generally, each team plays two games per week, but a make-up game could mean a third game in a week. The regular playing season starts on Monday, April 9th, and will end about June 1st. Your child’s coach should give you a game schedule before the first game. Please try to schedule any vacations around the season so your child will be able to participate in all games. His/her absence could adversely affect the team and might even cause it to lose by forfeit due to an insufficient number of players.
All-Star Competition-
There will be All-Star competition for selected players in each of the Divisions. All players in these divisions are eligible to try out for All-Star competition, but must be initially nominated by their team Manager. The All-Star teams normally play in at least two double elimination tournaments with area teams and will have the opportunity to compete in district, state, regional, and national tournaments. To prepare for the tournaments, practices are held daily and players are required to attend. All-Star play should be completed by August 15th but may finish sooner or last longer depending on tournament results.
Muscular Dystrophy Tournament-
DYBL has long supported the Peninsula MD tournament by sending teams to participate. All proceeds for this tournament directly support treatment for Muscular Dystrophy and this tournament is held during the first and second weeks of August. Managers of MD teams select players from the Rookie, Minor, Major and High School Prep Divisions in order to meet the tournament age requirements. For some divisions, practice will begin after the regular All-Star tournaments end. Players will be asked to help raise money for this worthy event.
Uniforms and Equipment-
The League furnishes bats, balls, batting helmets, catcher's equipment, team hat, jersey, pants and socks. Each player is responsible for providing his/her own shoes, and glove. Players are welcome to use their own equipment, but it must conform to league guidelines; contact the Equipment Manager for more information. Players may wear the uniforms only for games and League-sponsored activities. Any player found violating this rule, such as wearing a League jersey to school, will be suspended for two games. Uniform issue will be on Saturday March 24th at Jenkins Elementary from 10AM-3PM and a parent or legal guardian must be present to sign for the uniform. If any fund-raising money has not been paid, a uniform will not be issued. All money from fund-raising should be paid to DYBL via cash, check or money order. All equipment and uniforms, caps and socks, are the property of DYBL and are LOANED to the players for the season. Printing or other modifications to any part of the uniform are not allowed unless approved by the Executive Board. At the end of the season all players will be allowed to keep their entire uniform.
The League does have some insurance, but it is secondary to the private insurance of families.
League Expenses-
The Executive Board strives to keep League expenses and registration fees as low as possible. Nevertheless, the cost of good quality equipment and uniforms continues to increase. Our projected budget for this year is nearly $95,000.00. The cost to the League of providing uniforms, equipment, umpires, etc., is more than $160.00 per child. The League obtains these funds from player registration fees, sponsorships by businesses and civic organizations, and a fund raising campaign. The fund raiser is an extremely important part of the program. Each player must either participate in the league fund raiser or pay $50.00 in addition to the registration fee.
Parking at field-
For safety reasons, the City requires that you park your vehicles in the paved parking lots near the fields. No one is permitted to park on the dirt or grass areas surrounding the playing fields without prior written approval from the League or the City. Park Rangers check the areas now and then and will ticket offending vehicles.
Opening Day-
Opening Day ceremonies will be held on Saturday, April 14th, 2012. This is a day of festivities and celebration designed for the enjoyment of the whole family. There will be a parade, a guest speaker, and games for the children, some shortened exhibition games, prizes, and plenty of refreshments for everyone. Plan now to attend.
Activities such as conducting Opening Day ceremonies, assisting during the picture days, and operating concession stands at fields require a considerable number of workers. We need your help!!! Contact a DYBL board member if you can help in any way.

Missing Games-
If a player misses three games in a row without a reasonable excuse, the Team Manager may request that the Player Agent drop the player from the team’s roster. If the Player Agent investigates and confirms the absence, the Player Agent may then drop the player, and place a new player on the team, if one is available.
League Structure-
The Denbigh Youth Baseball League is affiliated with Cal Ripken Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball & Softball. During the regular season the rules of play for all divisions in baseball will follow the Official Rules of Baseball which may be modified to local league specifications. The rules of play for softball during the regular season will be based on the Official Babe Ruth Softball rules with modifications to local league specifications. The League provides baseball for boys and girls ages 4 through 15 and fast-pitch softball for girls ages 6 through 16. Players are distributed to teams in the following divisions:
Tee Division is an introductory program for boys and girls ages 4 and 5. For most of the season, players hit the ball off a stationary tee. During the latter part of the season, a combination of coach pitch and hitting off the tee is used. The diamond is smaller, with the bases spaced 50 feet apart. The primary objective is for each child to learn some of the basic fundamentals of baseball, while having fun. No team standings or records of runs scored are kept. Every player is a winner! Games will be played at Dutrow Elementary or Passage Middle School.

Jr. Rookie Division is for 6 year old players and for 7 year-olds who have not played in a DYBL season. This will be a coach pitch division and a “bat the bench” procedure will be used to ensure all players in the game have an opportunity to bat regardless of their field position or playing time. This division plays on a larger field with 60’ base paths. The goal of this division is to increase the player’s knowledge and skill level as they learn to hit a moving pitch and focus on throwing and catching. Games will be played at Dutrow Elementary and Passage Middle Schools.

Rookie Division is for second season 7 year-olds and 8 year-olds and introduces players to some additional aspects of the game. A pitching machine is used to pitch to the batters and a "bat the bench” procedure is used which enables all players in attendance to bat whether or not they are playing in the field. The bases are 60 feet apart and the machine throws from a 40 foot mound. For the first half of the season, no scores of games will be kept. During the second half, scores will be kept. To prepare players for post season games, the speed of the pitches will slightly increase during the season. Games will be played at Dutrow Elementary and Passage Middle Schools.

Minor Division is for 9 and 10 year-olds. This is the first level where they play "real" baseball. Players pitch in this division. To protect their arms, they are not permitted to pitch more than three innings per game. Base stealing is restricted. The "bat the bench" procedure is used. The bases are 60 feet apart and the pitching distance is 44 feet. Games are usually played at Jenkins and Richneck Elementary Schools.

Major Division is for 11 and 12 year-olds. The rules are the same as for professional baseball, but the diamond is smaller. Bases are 70 feet apart and the pitching distance is 50 feet. Games are usually played at the Denbigh Community Center (DCC).

High School Prep Division is for 13, 14, and 15 year-olds. The rules are the same as for professional baseball, but the diamond is smaller. Bases are 90 feet apart and the pitching distance is 60 feet 6 inches. Games are played at B. C. Charles Elementary School.

Girl's Softball

8U Softball Division is for 6 through 8 year-old girls. This is an introductory program to teach younger girls the fundamentals of fast-pitch softball. Modified Babe Ruth softball rules are used. Pitchers are allowed to pitch only three innings per game. The "bat the bench" procedure is used. The bases are 60 feet apart and the pitching distance is 35 feet. Game fields for this division are still under determination.

10U / 12U Girl's Softball Division is for 9 through 12 year-old girls. This division expands on the fundamentals learned in the Bantam Division. Modified Babe Ruth softball rules are used. The "bat the bench" procedure is used. The bases are 60 feet apart and the pitching distance is 40 feet. Game fields for this division are still under determination.

14U / 16U Girl's Softball Division
is for 13 through 16 year-old girls. Modified Babe Ruth softball rules are used. The bases are 60 feet apart and the pitching distance is 40 feet. The games are usually played at Sanford Elementary School.
The number of registered players and their ages determine the divisions for any year.

 If there are insufficient players to make at least four teams in a division, two divisions may be combined.

 The fields used for each division are subject to change depending on the number of teams that actually comprise the division. The game schedule, which is published prior to the start of the season, will indicate the playing site for each game. **NOTE: Modifications to rules, game locations, and divisions are at the discretion of the DYBL Executive Board. If modifications are made, those changes will be communicated to your team manager and division coordinator.

We hope to see each of you sometime during the season, either at the games or at the general membership meetings. Let's work together to make 2012 a great season for our kids!!!

Monday, January 3
Congratulations to the 2010 Denbigh 7,8,9 YO All Star team

After an early loss in the 32nd Annual Peninsula Muscular Dystrophy Benefit Tournament, the Denbigh team pulled together and played an awesome series winning thir next 4 games in a row and coming to within one game of playing in the Championship.

Each and every one of the athletes on the team played like true champions and after several homeruns, a few Grand Slams, and some outstanding defense; the team finished 3rd out of 12 teams.

For the 4th year in a row Denbigh raised and donated the largest amount of money throughout the tournament. This year the team presented Lori Woods, tournament director, a check for over $2500!

Congratulations to Manger Chuck Williams, Coach Kevin Kovac, Coach Keith Ross, & especially to the boys who fielded this exceptional team. Way to Go!