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Tuesday, February 22
Dear Customer,

DVYAC is a non-affiliated organization that supports recreational, competitive, tournament, and scholastic youth activities in the Dayton Valley area. We are actively seeking to develop a world class youth support environment which will build a foundation for our young boys and girls so they can grow into upstanding men and women.   We are here to support any and all youth activities, ranging from football to chess clubs.

As an experienced group of volunteers, we noticed that although many of these organizations were run by the same people there was a need to develop an umbrella type organization. DVYAC was founded to provide services which would save various organizations time or money from cross-utilization or collective buying power. For example; instead of both Silverada Little League and the Dayton Youth Football League each buying field marking equipment, DVYAC would buy the equipment and provide it to both leagues for use during their respective seasons. A great example of what we are currently doing is providing one web site for many different youth organizations. At a cost of approximately $450 annually (paid for by DVYAC) any youth organization can have its own web page. If each organization attempted to do it on their own it would cost the organizations thousands of dollars collectively. This saved money can now be put to good use building fields or providing scholarships to those in need. This is also saving volunteers hundreds of hours a year in administration maintenance because once a child is set up for one organization all their information is now in the system and only a click away for any other organization. This is allowing volunteers to do what they do best; work with kids.

Another area that we feel is needed is a single voice for youth activities in the community. This voice is not to replace the organizations but to use a synergy type of approach when dealing with grants, government organizations, and community support groups.   For example the youth sports infrastructure is insufficient to support the growing population in the area. As a major part of our charter we hope to build and maintain a world class sports complex (which can be reviewed on our web site). This complex is designed to enable Dayton to begin holding youth sports tournaments locally. Over the last 10-15 years youth sports tournaments have exploded. One has to only type in youth sports tournaments in a web browser to get an understanding of just how large this way of life has become, in fact there are thousands of families who plan their vacations around their child’s tournaments. Communities, who have capitalized on this explosion have profited very well from the increased tourism revenue. It is not unrealistic to see Dayton turn into a destination annually for over 5,000 youth and their families.

The success of the local high schools over the last couple of years is not an accident. You can not build a successful program from scratch at the high school level. The foundation for success in high school is built at the youth level. Talking to a local high school football coach last year, he mentioned how much easier it is getting with his program simply because the kids know how to put on their pads. A simple thing maybe, but it underlines just how important the little things are while building a program. Couple a well funded and coached youth team that has played quality opponents such as in the tournaments mentioned above and you have receipt for success that will last a lifetime.

Some of the items we currently or plan to support are;

1.        Web sites. Any youth organization can get their web page free of charge. Many organizations are using this to set up calendars, schedule games or meetings, list standings, accept donations, and register participants on line.
2.        Conduct one major fund raising event annually.
3.        Provide tools for organizational board members that allow them to use modern technology saving them both time and money in managing their organization.
4.        Volunteer youth coach development and training.
5.        Provide an extensive library of sport books, videos and CDs.
6.        Provide support for major infrastructure projects and equipment that can be cross-utilized.
7.        Recruitment, Training, and Credentialing of officials.
8.        Coordination of community groups.

Of course this all takes money, but we also understand that hardly a week goes by without some worthy cause asking you for support. Once we get the complex going we feel that it will generate enough revenue that it can support our needs on a stand alone basis. Our second largest source of revenue we feel will be this web site discussed in length earlier. We see it as a way to support the Dayton youth programs by providing a service, not just holding our hands out. We have had over 1,200 people visit the web site in only 3 months of operation with no advertising. More importantly our hits will be people who spend their money in the Dayton Valley area. For as little as $75 per year a local business or organization can advertise on the web site while benefiting Dayton Valley youngsters. DVYAC is beginning to aggressively marketing the web site and getting the word out asking consumers to patronize the businesses supporting DVYAC. We will be able to have pop ups and provide direct links to the advertiser web site, which we feel will increase your bottom line as it will ours. We have made the costs extremely reasonable understanding that we are a community organization and not everyone can afford the $250-$500 dollars many organizations require in order to be designated as a sponsor.

Costs to advertise on the DVYAC web site:**price is annually based (1 March-1 March)
$75 side bar, normal rotation (equally rotated among other advertisers)
$125 side bar, increased rotation (increased rotations)
$150 Top bar, normal rotation
$200 Top bar, increased rotation
$250 Top bar, added in the sponsor link

Visit our site to see if you would like to become part of our organization. Even faster than we had hoped the site is becoming the central focal point for youth activities in the Dayton Valley area. We are serving organizations that comprise Dayton, Virginia City, Stagecoach, Sliver Springs and the surrounding area.

If you should decide to advertise on our site, you can submit the application on line or print the application out and either mail, fax, or email it to the numbers or address in at the top of the page. Regardless of what you should decide we appreciate your time in reviewing our proposal.

Respectfully yours,
Stephen G. Yeater

Handout: 2005 Web site application form