Duanesburg Little League: News

Monday, June 22
DLL Players enjoy Baseball Buddies night at the Amsterdam Mohawks

A good time was had by all and the Amsterdam Mohawks enjoyed a shut-out game! 

Victoria Silva Homerun DerbyRicky Rollins & Bryce Lewandowski


Thank you, Amsterdam Mohawks, for a great evening! Looking forward to next year. (photos from Amsterdam Mohawks facebook page).

Friday, May 15
Smoking is prohibited
***This is a league-wide broadcast message***

A reminder for everyone who comes to the Duanesburg Little League facility:

of any kind, including the use of vapor or e-cigarettes,
on the grounds of the facility. This includes the fields, the viewing areas, the buildings, and the parking lot.

All members are encouraged to remind others of this policy. We are hosting many interleague teams and there are many new faces at the fields on any given day.

We encourage a safe and healthy environment for our players, their families and friends, the coaches and staff, and our community. Please remind all visitors you may know that smoking of any kind is prohibited on the grounds.

Thank you,

Ted Loukides
DLL President 2015

Wednesday, June 17
Big League Price Chopper Raffle Fundraiser

Thank you so much!  We raised $565 for Duanesburg Little League! 


Good luck on the drawing!


Thursday, May 7
Raffle Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Opening Day raffles! Thank you to the great organizations that donated to make this raffle possible.


Prize                                                  ticket #                  Name (if written on the ticket) 

Movie Passes                                    3704691               Geidel 

Bat Bag                                              5699935               Abby McGregor 

Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card        5699333               Labreck 

Pete's Pups Restaurant Gift Cert.      5669763              McGregor 

Red Lobster gift card                         399140    

99 Restaurant gift card                      3705118              Autum Kellerman 

Book Basket                                      5699725   

Fun Time Bounce Pass                     3704685              Victoria Gentile 

Amsterdam Mohawk Family Pass     3704639   

Goldstocks gift card                           3705191             Sienna Hallberg 

Peppino's Pizza gift card                   399545               Gianna B. 

Peppino's Pizza gift card                   3704629   

Top's Restaurant gift card                 3704715              Brayden Askew