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Tournament Teams

As the season is progressing along, it is necessary to prepare for the upcoming All Star and Fun tournaments. All of our Minor and Major Baseball players age 8-12 yrs. old are eligible to participate in either the All Star (if selected) or Fun Tournament. Players that are league age 13-18 may only be considered for All Stars.

All Stars:

Eligible players must have participated in at least 60% of their regular season team’s games. DTQ has 6 All-Star Teams for the following age groups:

9/10 yr. All-Stars – Any Major or Minor player league age 9 or 10 is a possible candidate.

11 yr. All-Stars – Any Major or Minor player league age 11 is a possible candidate.

12 yr. All-Stars – Any Major player league age 12 is a possible candidate.

Junior League All-Stars – Any Junior or Senior League player league age 13 or 14 is a possible candidate.

Senior League All-Stars – Any Senior League player league age 15 or 16 is a possible candidate.

Big League All-Stars - Any Big League player league age 17 or 18 is a possible candidate.


While it is a great honor to be a member of an All-Star team, there is also a substantial commitment of time, effort, & travel required in order to participate. The All-Star season ends whenever tournament competition ends. The goal is for teams to progress as far into tournament play as possible. For the 9/10 and 11 year old teams, tournament play could continue through the completion of the Virginia State Tournament in late-July. For the 12 year old, Junior and Senior League teams, tournament play could continue through mid-August when the World Series takes place (12 in Williamsport, PA; Junior in Taylor, MI; Senior in Bangor, ME, Big League in SC). The All-Star time commitment consists of several practices a week beginning around June 15th and then participation in the District 9 All-Star tournaments beginning about June 25th and running for about 10 days. Players are expected to attend ALL team practices. Per Little League rules the minimum play time for a team with 13 players is 1 at-bat, and no defensive outs. No minimum play rule for SR & Big League.


Fun Tournament:

There are two levels of play in the Fun Tournament. Leagues may have multiple teams at each age group.

Age 10 and under Fun Tournament

Age 12 and under Fun Tournament


The typical commitment for a Fun tournament player will be practices starting around June 15 and continuing with tournament games starting June 17 and running for about 7 days. These games will be played against teams from leagues outside of DTQ. Some travel will be involved.

Scoreboards at Fuller Heights
A Big DTQ Thank You to Supervisor Maureen Caddigan for her donation to the Prince William Co. Parks & Rec to install scoreboards on all three fields at Fuller Heights Park.


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DTQ elects Board of Directors for year 2015-2016

2015-2016 Board of Directors


Mel Barlow

Vice President

Ellis Cooper


Doug McDaniel


Amy Brunner-Craig

Safety/Field Coordinator

Tim Jabs

Chief Umpire

Henry Commes

Minor/Major Player Agent

Kim Semones

JR/SR/Big Player Agent

Harrison Ludington

T-Ball Coordinator

Julie Casperson

Machine Pitch Coordinator

Eric Pokorak

Minor American Coordinator

Cynthia Ludington

Minor National Coordinator

Dave Alachnowicz

Major Coordinator

Wayne Arguin

JR/SR/Big Coordinator

Brian Hills

Challenger Coordinator

Michelle Slaughter

Fundraiser Coordinator

Lilet Smith

Sponsor Coordinator

Jerrie Williams

League Information Officer

Glenn Rothenberger

Equipment Coordinator

Will Smith

Tournament Coordinator

James Hunniford

Concessions (Gardziel)


Concessions (Fuller)


State Tournament Coordinator

Brendon Hanafin

Coaching Coordinator

Mike Colangelo


 Cancellation Info          Inclement Weather 

                Call 703-792-3284 ALL DTQ FIELDS 

Call the Prince William County Parks & Rec hotline to find out if fields will be open due to inclement weather.   Field status is updated at 3:00 pm daily and at 7:00 am and 12:00 pm on the weekends.  

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