Derryfield Boys' Soccer: Tryout Information

THE FIRST STEPS - Varsity and JV Together
The soccer season begins with an open tryout to all upper school boys for the Derryfield soccer teams (varsity and junior varsity) starting Monday Aug 15th. Unlike other sports at DS, Coach Cousineau wants varsity and JV candidates to attend the tryout as one group. In this way, the teams can begin the season together and build relationships among the players. These relationships will help to unite the two teams and breakdown barriers that isolate the two teams as they move forward through their seasons.

By Tuesday, Aug 16th, players will be informed of the selections for the varsity and JV teams. The BVSO will continue with the preseason schedule, while the BJVSO will resume training later in the month, generally a week prior to the start of school. During the season the teams will keep in touch through combined training sessions and a player exchange program. Both of these programs were very successful last year.

8:30 am : Registration at Upper Field parking lot
9-11 am : Fitness Testing/Technical Training
3-5 pm : Tech/Tach Training (upper fields)

9-11 am : Technical Training (upper fields)
3-5 pm : Technical Training (upper fields)

NOTE: Refer to News items below for details on required equipment, details on fitness testing, etc.

All players who are interested in participating on the varsity team must be able to do the following:

Run 2 miles in 14 minutes.

NOTE: The 2 mile course will be run at the upper fields, not on the road. Be ready to run on grass.  It is approximately 5 laps of the upper field complex.

Perform one 1 v. 1 move
Juggle 20 times (feet only)

The purpose of the fitness testing is to assess each player’s fitness to play at the varsity level. Later it serves as a benchmark to assess in-season development.

It takes practice to achieve a good fitness level and master these skills. Look to begin your training before the preseason begins. Practice with teammates, friends and neighbors to accomplish your goals.

There are training suggestions located on the DS Soccer web page at "Preseason Training".

BEING PREPARED - Equipment and Testing
It is important that each player comes to preseason training camp prepared, both physically and with the proper player equipment.

1.        Player Fitness
On the first day, everyone will be put through an aggressive physical fitness test. (Refer to “The Right Stuff” article) It is important that players realize the preseason is very strenuous on the body. Poor fitness will limit playing ability and lead to injuries. Players can avoid these pitfalls by arriving to preseason camp fit and ready for play.

2.        Player Equipment
All players must bring the following equipment to training sessions:

An inflated size 5 ball
An ample supply of water
Indoor shoes for bad weather

Finally, it is expected that each player will arrive at practice on time and with ALL the necessary equipment. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. There will consequences for players who are late or are missing equipment. Don’t let this happen to you.

It is very important to take the time to review the athletic information package sent to you by the school. Contained within that package are all the required forms in order to participate on the school teams. These forms must be completed and returned to the school by August 8th. Individuals who are missing any part of the sports package WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE TRAINING SESSIONS. Only those individuals who participate in the training sessions will be considered for varsity and JV teams. A quick review of the paper work is as follows:

1.        Emergency Card
A card listing various family information, phone numbers, etc.

2.        Parent Permission Form and Transportation
A form/waiver giving permission for participation and transportation to sporting events.

3.        Physical Examination Form
Each student must have a current (less than a year old) physical exam on record and the form must be updated accordingly. This form is time sensitive and it MUST be signed by your physician. Please note that scheduling physicals can be difficult. Therefore, make your appointment NOW!!!

Finally, it is very important that you complete these various forms now. Remember a lack of planning on your part will not constitute an emergency for someone else.