: Training Sessions & Videos

DribbleMagic individual training &/or clinics are available year-round !

Information on Training sessions :   

* FUNdamental basketball skill drills

* for boys & girls, ages 10 through 21   

* Both Group and Individual training sessions are available

* $13 per 2-hour group session   

* For questions or to sign-up, send email to: dribblemagic@optonline.net   

DVDs that are referenced when planning training sessions and personal training,
         that are also sporadically loaned to registrants:

- Pete Maravich's 4 DVD Set (Ball Handling, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting)
- Steve Nash MVP Fundamental Skill Drills      
- 5-Star Basketball Training Series (The Point Guard, The Post Player,
   The Perimeter Player, The Scorer, The Rebounder)
- The Pistol, the Birth of a Legend
- Steve Alford's Guard Development Drills
- Steve Alford's Big Man Development Drills
- Steve Alford's Shooting Drills
- Price Johnson's Nobody Works Harder
- Ganon Baker's Training out of the Triple Threat position
- Ganon Baker's 35 Street Moves you can use
- Ganon Baker's 22 Dribbling Drills
- Jason Otter's Explosive Guard Work-out DVD
- The Post Player DVD
- The Better Basketball series: Post Play, Ball Handling, Shooting, Passing
- Pete Newell's Big Man Moves and Skill Development
- Competitive Rebounding Drills
- Drills4Skills - Part 1
- Lenny Wilkens Legacy Basketball Clinic Series, The Basics, Offense/Defense
- Inner City Moves: The Complete Edition
- Street Ball Confidential

Instruction TEXTS that are also referenced when planning training sessions:
- Youth Basketball Drills, 110 Basic & Advanced Drills (Burrall & Patrick Paye)
       (National Federation Interscholastic Coaches Association Outstanding Coach)
- 5-Star Girls Basketball Drills, 2'nd Edition
       (Nationally acclaimed 5-Star Basketball Camp)
- NBA Basketball Offense Basics
- Coaching Basketball Successfully, Morgan Wootten / Fwd. by John Wooden
       (DeMatha High School Coach for 4 decades & Basketball Hall of Fame member)
- The Ultimate Basketball Book (Frank Wright, Alpine Basketball Camps)
- Basketball Steps to Success, 2'nd Edition (Hal Wissel, Memphis Grizzlies,
       Dallas Mavericks, N.J.Nets, Milwaukee Bucks)
- Coaching Youth Basketball, 2nd Edition, John P. McCarthy
- Guide to Coaching Youth Basketball,
      (David G. Faucher, Head Coach, Datmouth College Men's Team)
- Basketball Fundamentals, Jon Oliver, Eastern Illinois University
- The Ultimate Basketball Book (Frank L. Wright)
- 5-Star Coaches Play-book
- Basketball Offenses & Plays (Ken Atkins)

Coaching videos :   
- Princeton Offense DVD
- Duke on DVD
- Bo Ryan's Offensive System DVD Set (Big 10 conference
- Coaching Women's Basketball with Pat Summitt
- Practice Planning and Scouting Your Opponent
- Coaching to Win: Full-court Offense and Man-offense drills
- Jim Boeheim's Complete Guide to Zone Offense against Zone Defense
- The 1-4 Zone Offense, to be used against the 2-3, 1-2-2, & 3-2 zone defenses
- Geno Auriemma: Teaching the High Post and Triangle Offenses
- Gary Williams: The Flex Offense
- Developing Confident Athletes, A Coach's Guide
- Teaching Skills Volume 1
- Coaching Teams Volume 2
- Jim Calhoun's 2-2-1 Press
- Bobby Gonzalez: 1-2-2 Press

Inspirational texts:   
- 'WOODEN, A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court'

    .... by legendary UCLA Coach, John Wooden,
         .... who was a Master of Motivation, Organization, and Dedication   
         .... whose practices were non-stop action, electric & intense,

         .... whose philosphy was simple:   

             "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail" and

             "Discipline yourself and others won't need to".

         .... His Results:   10 NATIONAL Championships in 12 years.

- 'They Call Me Coach', by John Wooden (UCLA) with foreward by Bill Walton

... Watch an instruction video above, and then challenge yourself   

    to practice the drills on the court,

         ... DribbleMagic sessions facilitate practice time !   

... Excellence requires extra effort,

         ... DribbleMagic instruction ensures extra effort !

... Parents, it's very hard to instruct your own child,

         ... DribbleMagic can help.

... DribbleMagic instruction also emphasizes school work, and to discipline
    one-self so others don't have to.   

... If your son or daughter doesn't play AAU for any reason at the

    10U to 15U level, DribbleMagic sessions facilitate

    the same fundamental skill drills, with LOTS of gusto !

... If one does not start or get much play-time on their college, AAU,

    or HS team, training sessions can still be very rewarding,

    re: the benefits of exercise (exs: control weight gain,

    obtain cardio exercise, enhance self confidence,


* A Registered & Insured business, DBA (Doing Business As) Dribble Magic.

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