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Do you want your son or daughter to stay the same - OR - improve their game !?   

If you would like to sign-up for just 1, or 2, or more sessions, send Email to :

    dribblemagic@optonline.net   ... only $15 for each 1.5 hour session    


Also: If you are new to Coaching and would like diagramming (via mail) & consultation (via phone) for a proven motion-offense vs. man-to-man defense, OR other 1/2-court sets to get open looks for your Bigs or Shooters or Slashers, one-time cost is only $25. Write to dribblemagic@optonline.net for details.         


Basketball training sessions for boys & girls, ages 10 - 21,   

      who want to enhance their basketball skills for their

      Rec league,   CYO team,   AAU,   Middle School (Modified),   

      JV,   Varsity, or College team, or even just for fitness fun,

               or to enhance your coordination for other sports.            


.. the Dribbler needs to be imaginative, CREATIVE, spontaneous,

    and be able to improvise !

    .. Practice cross-overs and reverse-spins, LOW & FAST,

          with BOTH hands, going both directions,   with eyes UP !

       .. Practice MIXing-up the dribble, and Keeping the dribble alive,

          with Cross-overs,   Reverse spins,   Hesitations,   

          Step-back x-overs,

          and windshield-wipers(V's),   

          & practice EXPLODING at the turns,

          & practice behind-the-back(s) and through-the-legs also.

    .. When SHOOTING, practice finger-pad control, palm-up,

       elbow-up-&-in,   proper wrist-snap,   higher release positionning,

       with proper follow-through, BACKWARD ROTATION, arc,   dipping,

       with proper leg & footwork,

       and practice mixing up the location of your shots.      

    .. Hear how to set personal game-time quotas, regarding   jab-steps,

       up-fakes, rip-throughs, ball-sweeps, effective picks,

       screen-aways, & Assists.   

   .. Learn when to pivot high or low, how to draw a foul when pivoting,

      and how to get in and move from the Triple-Threat position.   

   .. Also practice Defensive slides, Cutting off the baseline,

      Hedging in the lane, Denying the ball, & Boxing-out WITH CUPPING.      

   .. Hear how to effectively play man-Defense AWAY FROM THE BALL using

      peripheral vision, allowable hand-checks,

      proper body positioning & footwork, and then how to

      BOX-OUT WITH CUPPING away from the hoop (VERY IMPORTANT)   

   .. LEARN concepts of TEAM-ball such as:   

      1) effective Picks & Screens 2) Screen-aways,

      3) Give & Go's,    4) Pick & Rolls,    5) Boxing-out,   

      6) Help-defense,   and

      7) the power of the forward-Assist and backdoor-Assist   

   .. IF you're TALL,   learn post positioning and post moves

      such as the   Drop-step,   Step-over,   Swim-overs,   Reverse-pivot,

      Spin & Seals,   UP & UNDERs,   POWER-SLIDE Jump-stops,   

      and train to EXPLODE to that hoop !

* Note that different drills are done at different training sessions, thus the
    more sessions one attends, the more fundamental skill drills they will
    hear about, learn, and partake in, for overall development.

Stationary BALL-HANDLING drills:   Pendulum swing,   Wrist-snaps,
                   Ball Circles,   the Down & Up,   the In & Out,
                   Ball Taps,   the Ricochet,   Rhythm Ricochet,
                   Space Catch,   Rhythm Space Catch,   Space Bounce Catch,
                   the Pistol Pete Draw,   2-clap ball-drops,
                   the Pretzel,   the See-saw,   Knee-ups,
                   2 & 3-ball down & up juggling,   and the Flip-roll.   

DRIBBLING drills:   Pound-downs, Stationary square-V,   Inverted-V's,   
                   Figure-8's,   Windshield wipers,   the Spider dribble,
                   Typewriter dribbling,   Drum-rolls,
                   9+ types of 2-ball dribbling drills,   Stop & Pops,   
                   Step-slide dribbling, Slide protection dribble,   
                   Backward dribbling to develop strong wrist-snaps,
                   Cross-overs,   Step-back cross-overs,   Reverse-Spins,   
                   Behind-the-backs,   Through the Legs,   Double-clutches,
                   Flip-flap-jacks, Straight-ahead wrap-arounds,   
                   Scrambled eggs dribble,   Blind-fold dribbling,
                   Back-taps,    Dribbling pretzel,   Thud-ball toss-ups,
                   Mix-up your dribble drills,   and for beginners,
                   do NOT pick up your dribble drill, and
                   do NOT dribble into the corner drill.

SHOOTING drills:    Finger-pad control, Palm-up, Elbow-in, Wrist snaps,
                   proper Follow-through & Backward Rotation,
                   proper arc, & Leg-work (dipping & feet pointing to 11 oçlock)
                   When to Use the Backboard drills,
                   Near-to-far swish drills,
                   The zen of Free Throws / Foul shooting.
                   Mikens with and without the backboard,   
                   Shooting off the dribble drills, Shooting off the pick,
                   Catch & Shoot drills,
                   Up-fake-slide-step-&-shoot drills

Additional drills:   Ball fakes, Up-fakes, Jab steps, Rip-throughs, Ball-sweeps,
                   Passing & Catching drills, Pivoting,
                   Defensive slides, Boxing-out & Rebounding,
                   Give & Go's, Pick & Roll's, Screen-Away's,
                   Assist the Backdoor cut, Weaves,
                   Setting and using Picks & Screens,
                   Triple-threat position and moves out of it,   
                   2-on-1,   3-on-2,   3-on-3,   2-on-2,   1-on-1,   
                   Peripheral vision, Strength training, Wrist roll-ups,
                   Different drills for different positions (Post-play drills,
                   Off-guard drills, Point guard drills),
                   Different drills for different levels.

POSTING drills:   FOOTWORK: Jump stop, Front pivot, Reverse pivot,
                Jab step, Jap step-crossover, L-cut, Step-overs.
                POST POSITIONING: Flash & post, Sit & spin,
                Spin & seal, Countering defense positioning.
                POST MOVES: Drop step, Jump hook, Drop & hop,
                Reverse pivot, Fake & drive, UP & UNDERs         

Training aids:   Thud balls, Medicine balls, Heavy trainer balls,
                Blindfolds, Heads-up goggles, Jump-ropes, Lateral resistors,
                Waist belts (to force low dribbling), Marbles,
                Shooting straps (keeps elbow in and arm straight),
                The Hoop Harness (promotes ambidextrous dribbling),
                Dribbling cones, Weighted vests, hand-squeezers,
                Wrist roll-ups, Dummy pads for Low Post drills,
                Flat Agility Rings, Agility Dots, Floor/agility ladders,
                Plyo step-up boxes, and Reaction Balls.   

             * .... and a library of instructional & training DVDs   
                      that are referenced when planning clinics and
                      personal training, Ithat are also sporadically
                      assigned (loaned out) to players to watch.

             * .... Click on the 'Training Sessions & Videos' in UPPER LEFT
                      of this webpage for the list of videos.   

Team MOTION drills:   Kansas drill, Syracuse drill, Princeton drill,
                      Stamford drill, UCONN drill, Army Drill, UCLA drill.

To inquire about training sessions, send Email to:   dribblemagic@optonline.net

.... If your son or daughter doesn't play AAU for any reason at the

    10U to 15U level, DribbleMagic sessions facilitate

    the same fundamental skill drills, with LOTS of gusto !


    - Walt Frazier All-Star trophy recipient
    - Captain of Modified, JV, and Varsity teams
    - Rochester Institute of Technology college team
    - Greek League All-Star team, second highest scorer
    - Starter on R.B.A. Championship Team w/ a game high of 29 pt.s
    - Coached Freshman & Varsity boys (Dutchess & Westchester counties)
    - Development Coordinator for AAU (up until 2008)      
    - Athletic Director for AAU (up until 2011)      
    - AAU Head Coach, multiple years (ex: 2010 record: 22-6)
    - Curator of many texts, PLAY-BOOKs, and DVDs, re: Coaching & Training
    - Can provide a list of D1, D2, and D3 college players, and HS starters,
       who have participated in Dribblemagic training sessions
    - Can provide a list of References from parents of D1, D2, & D3 college
       players, and from current High School starters throughout Dutchess,
       Ulster, Westchester, and Orange counties                                    
    Scroll up & click on 'Training Sessions & Videos' in upper left for training session details,

    and for the list the videos that are referenced & assigned to players to watch !

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