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DT2017 Places Second in Winter Slam 4

Sunday, December 30
DT 2017 Presents Trophy to Diane Thorne

Diane Thorne was diagnosed with Stage I Breast Cancer December 2010 at age 48. She had no family history. Thanks to the efforts of early detection by mammography, the cancer was spotted in her routine annual mammogram.

She completed her cancer treatment in 2011, and attributes her amazing recovery to her faith, positive attitude, and determination to be CURED. She received immeasurable support from her loving husband of 30 years (who accompanied her to every doctor appointment throughout her journey), and the prayers from many friends and family.

She is now 1 year cancer free and enjoying life as an advocate promoting early breast cancer screening for all women. A special thanks, to Coach Walker and all of the young men who played such outstanding games, to honor a survivor of breast cancer.

Bonnita Wilson
Saturday, November 3
DT 2017 Presents Trophy to Bonnita Wilson

Bonnita Wilson was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer at age 34. At that time, she was a mother of 3 (her son Jordan was 6 month old), an active duty Army officer, and enrolled full time in graduate nursing program. She had no family history of breast cancer, and was an athlete and competitive body builder.

She completed her cancer treatment in 1999, and attributes her recovery and survival to a healthy lifestyle, a network of loving family & friends, and a strong “will to live.” Her journey has not been easy; having endured numerous complications and health challenges after her treatment.

She is now 13 years cancer free and enjoying life. She retired from the Army in 2008, and now works as a Health Information Technology Consultant for the Army Medical Department. Bonnita enjoys running, weight training, and boxing. She is an advocate for early breast cancer screening for your women.


Wednesday, October 10
DT 2016 Wins The Best of San Antonio Tournament