Dragons Wrestling Club: Welcome


  We are a youth wrestling club for boys at Pepperell, McHenry and Midway schools.  Our goal is simple... to teach the basics of wrestling while providing a positive experience for the kids. We practice on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and attend several tournaments throughout the season. We are a USA Wrestling club which is a national wrestling orginization. To learn about USA Wrestling click the USA Wrestling logo on the bottom left of this page.

For more information on our club please e-mail us at Andrewjack01@comcast.net or dragonswrestling@att.net.


Friday, March 14

Our banquet will be on Saturday, April 5th. We will start the day with the ol' Cotton Mill Road Race 5K run or 1 mile fun walk/run at Pepperell High hosted by the Lady Dragons Softball team. This of coures is voluntary, alot of fun and a good way to keep fit. All information and how to register can be found at www.pepperellhigh.com/extracurricular/softball. This is for everyone that wants a challenge, including parents. I would hope the coaches would step up and lead by example.  Immediately after the run (aprox 11am) we will gather at Gilbreath Park under the pavillion for lunch, games and awards.  The club will provide hamburgers for the grill and drinks. We need volunteers to bring chips, desserts, paper products etc...  Please contact me via e-mail at dragonswrestling@att.net, or text or call me at 706-331-8081 to rsvp and let me know what your planning to bring so we dont end up with all the same things. Should be alot of fun. Please help make sure eveyone knows about this, I dont want anyone left out.  Thanks alot guys, see you soon.

 Things we need for banquet.

Hamburger Buns, Mustard, Mayo, Ketchup, Cheese, Paper Plates, Cups, Utensils, Napkins, Chips, Desserts,  Ice, and any other things I may have left out.   Please lets me know what you are planning to bring via text, email or call.





Friday, March 14
Summer Practice

Coach Bryce and Coach Sanders are hosting summer open gym practices and various wrestling opportunities throughout the summer, beginning NOW. The practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 7:30pm. The schedule can be found in the calendar link to the left. I have the calendar completed through May as of now. Please check often as thing may be added and/or deleted. We will be focusing on technical skills as well as strength and conditioning and agility.  This is for all ages, USA, middle school and high school, including coaches. Great opportunity to gain skill, get stronger, faster and in better shape.  Please spread the word to all. 




Sunday, March 16
Wrestling Gear

If you borrowed shoes, singlet, headgear etc... from the clubat the start of the season it is time to return them.  Also if your child has out grown anything would you please consider donating it to the club. These items are of gerat help to others. 


Coach Bryce