Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club: Expectations

Training Expectations
•        Training shall start on time.
•        If your child cannot attend for any reason, it is their responsibility to notify the coach prior to session.
•        Your child is expected to wear Club Training Uniform.
•        Shoes are to be tied. Shirts are to tucked-in.
•        Shinguards are always required.
•        Water is required.
•        Practice Ball is to be Properly Inflated.
•        If arriving late, player is expected to run to join group.
•        No player is released before all gear is picked up, without prior permission.
•        All players are expected to pay attention and show respect to all coaches and other players.

Game Expectations
•        Players are expected to be on field 30 minutes prior to kick-off.
•        Players are expected to be in proper uniform, shinguards on, shirt tucked-in & shoes tied.
•        Players should have alternate uniform in bag.
•        All players should bring water.
•        If player is unable to attend, player must notify coach in advance.
•        Players and coaches will sit at midfield with 15 yards on each side reserved. Parents may sit outside of 30 yard space for team.
•        Only Coaches give instructions to players.
•        Only Coaches talk to referees.
•        Parents should put up net and take down net.
•        If parent needs to discuss child’s role or personal frustrations, please schedule a meeting with the coach, other than game day.
•        Team will have a brief discussion & review after every game.
•        Players will be released after everything is picked up on sideline.
•        Barring Injury, Illness or Punishment, everyone should play a minimum 1/4 of game.

Tournament Expectations
•        If your child is unable to participate in tournament, you must notify coach 30 days in advance.
•        Coach may invite guest player(s), depending on situation.
•        All game expectations are same, with addition of comfort shoes and training t-shirt in bag.
•        Parents may be asked to look after another teammate on the road.
•        All parents are required to work shifts at LV Mayor’s Cup.

Coach Expectations

 All decisions made by the Director of Coaching will be made in what he considers to be “in the best interest of the club”. For the long-term success of Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club; coaches must realize this also in their decision making process.


Coaches must handle this between the D.O.C., Club, Manager, Parents, and Players! Communication is the most vital factor for our success as an organization. Each coach must have a pre-season meeting with the families: discussing their bio, club philosophy and expectations.  Their personal expectations, practice schedule/game schedule (when possible), supply team roster and phone tree, introduce the manager and their role, and discuss costs/expenses for the season. If a problem arises, have families meet with the coach first directly, away from the fields, over a coffee! If the problem is not resolved, the coach will contact the DOC to meet with the families and coach at the same time, over a coffee. At that point, the DOC will discuss with the Board to resolve the conflict if necessary.

Downtown Expects from all coaches and assistants….

· Show respect for players, parents, officials, and other coaches.

· Respect the integrity and judgment of game officialsEstablish a model of fair play, sportsmanship, and proper conductEstablish safety and welfare as the highest priority.

· Provide proper supervision of players at all times.

· Use discretion when providing constructive criticism and reprimanding playersMaintain consistency in requiring all players to adhere to the required rules and standards of the game.

· Avoid suggesting, providing, or encouraging any athlete to use non-prescriptive drugs, anabolic steroids, or any substance to increase physical development.

· Refrain from the use of profanity, vulgarity, and other offensive language and gestures.

· Enlist the support of your team’s parents in your efforts to instill the proper attitudes and values in the players. Downtown coaches are responsible for the conduct of their sideline.

· Check equipment that you use. It should meet safety standards and be appropriate for the age and ability of your players. Bring all safety issues concerning facilities to the attention of the appropriate authority.

· Follow the advice of a physician when determining when an injured child is ready to play again. · Abide by the rules of all leagues and tournaments in which your team participates.



 Attend and Participate in ALL Coaching Clinics